“Not to be afraid of stupid advice”. Expert on how to protect from dogs


So many people are afraid of dogs, especially the homeless. In theory, foreign animals, freely roaming the street, should not be. For example, in Moscow they have to catch, sterilize and send to zooprice. To complain about the pack have tailed to the local administration — that it should cause the team to capture and monitor its work. But in practice to your complaint we can obtain the answer “To specified areas of neglected dogs were found” or “your complaint caught so many species of dogs and sent to a shelter”. Actually, the same dogs will continue jumping at the old address. Have to write a new complaint, attach photos, to complain to the higher authorities for officials not performing their duties. If you will be able to achieve the culling of dogs, your child will safely walk home from school. But until then, while in the territory will not be a new pack. Considering how many adult dogs and puppies just thrown into the street by heartless owners, the new pack may appear after a few months. And as long as you keep a rough correspondence with the officials, they will scare passers-by, including your child.

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Now, when spring finally came, stray dogs behave very excitedly. And people react unpredictably. How to protect a child that one goes to school?

“AiF” asked a National expert of the Russian cynological Federation, a licensed instructor for training dogs Vitaly Orlov to evaluate the effectiveness of certain drugs sold in stores “for the protection of dogs”and to dispel or confirm the “folk methods” of defense.

“Pick a new route where there are animals. Let it be longer than 10 minutes, but the child will no longer experience stress every day.”

— First walk on the old path. Maybe his story about the terrible swarm of exaggerated or even frighten the child is not neglected animals. If ownerless dogs do live on the way to school, you can find a new route. However, there is no 100 percent guarantee that he will be free from freely walking quadruped is only when your son will go home.

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“Tell the child that he was not afraid, then the dog can’t touch him”.

Very stupid advice. Stop experiencing emotions is impossible. And most importantly — no need. I have been dogs, and we can say that “fear” them. Because I know all too well what they are capable animals. Fearlessly don’t need to walk, if the dogs are coming towards you. Much smarter to look ahead, and if you realize that your paths cross, to avoid this meeting. To go the other way or to wait, when a flock will flee. Explain to your child that there is no being late to class is not worth it to act irrationally and risk his health. Better to wait and then quietly go. If dogs don’t go, the student can join other passers-by. Of course, preferably to a family with children or a woman. And overcome the dangerous area collectively.

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“Let the child scream loudly if the dog they are interested in. Or give him a keychain siren. Pulled the pin, and the whole flock took to their heels from loud sounds”.

Loud shouting can have the opposite effect — the animal will not rush you, and you. FOB siren able to work the same way — the dog is so frightened of sharp sounds that attack. Although we didn’t intend. And again, the probability that the pin pulled out during class accidentally or out of mischief is much higher than the probability that the child will be able to use the siren to the destination.

“Ultrasonic otpugivateli of dogs is the ideal means of self — defense! Yes, safe for humans. Dogs are guaranteed to go away.”

This myth about ultrasonic repellents for many years. The Internet is full of rave reviews and many suggestions of different models, but otherwise, as a divorce on the money is not called. I have several times participated in the testing of such devices. Neither small nor large dogs on this ultrasound does not react. Want to spend money for nothing, and then find themselves in a difficult situation with a “dummy” at the ready, it’s your right.

“Anyway, and only a traumatic gun is able to ward off an aggressive dog.”

— To give the child a real weapon is illegal and dangerous. For the child and for others. Too much probability that he, or other people will be seriously affected. In addition, the presence of weapons does not imply the ability to use. You are sure that child will get into moving the dog from a few metres (let’s leave aside the ethical side of this thing)? And that animal will run away and not attack the source of the pain? But if a few dogs?

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“Put the child with the stun gun or pepper spray in your pocket, and let them quietly go to school”.

— The same dangerous and illegal advice, as traumatic weapons. In addition, to use a Taser only when “the enemy” at arm’s length. And if you think the dog will stand quietly and wait until it will start the electrical discharge, then you are sadly mistaken. As for the gas cans, rather accidentally be vaporized in school than the defense from dogs.

“Give your child a powerful flashlight with a blinking mode, animals do not like flashes of light.”

— Another myth. Even if the dog does not like sharp flashes of light, this does not mean that she will run away.

How is the child going to school, if the path of the dog?

The only legitimate and effective way is the liberation of the territory from stray dogs. Contact your local authority. Don’t shout from the doorway, “You ought!”. Calmly explain why you are so important to dogs sent to the shelter. And while the pack is not caught, find a safe route or accompany your child to school.

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