On parade in China showed a new Intercontinental ballistic missile


/ Reuters

Moscow, 30 July – AIF-Moscow.

At the military parade in China has demonstrated a new Intercontinental ballistic missile DF-31AG, RIA Novosti reported.

Silk road diplomacy. The Jinping’XI’s visit to Russia by the eyes of the press of China

The parade dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the people’s liberation army (PLA). It was held on Sunday, July 30, at the largest military training ground in the country, Juice in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. Took military parade Chinese President, Chairman of the Central military Commission XI Jinping.

According to China Central television, 40% involved in the event of equipment showed for the first time. Only, as reported by the media, the parade was attended by 12 thousand soldiers, aircraft and 129 571 unit of ground equipment.

The PLA is the largest army in the world. Its population is two million people. Earlier, the Chinese government announced that by the end of this year will reduce the size of the army by 300 thousand people from the non-combat part.

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