Parking in the building will have to pay a million

Despite the efforts of the city authorities, the situation with Parking space in courtyards in Moscow are deteriorating. While in ground and underground Parking lots after the settlement residential complexes full of empty seats. “EV” has decided to understand the reasons of this phenomenon.

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New status

In 2017 entered into force amendments to the Civil code of the Russian Federation, according to which the Parking space became a separate independent object. This has a positive impact on the market, allowing it to streamline and simplify transactions. “More and more cars are now sold on the po (contract equity participation). Increased the demand, because buyers purchase scheme is more transparent and the transaction is protected 214‑FZ — said General Director of company “MIEL” Natalia Shatalina. — As a result, in Moscow (in the old borders) at the end of the 1st half of 2017 the number of cars sold at the POS increased by 60% compared to the same period last year, but in the suburbs, where Parking places are not so popular, the growth has not happened.”

According to experts, currently in old Moscow from 513 buildings with apartments and underground Parking is provided in 303, in 24 buildings — ground Parking, and other LCD car parks are not for sale.

The demand for Parking (particularly in the segment of economy and comfort class) is always much lower than for apartments. “Even if buyers have 1-2 cars, first think about spending on repair and arrangement of apartments, Parking is an often an afterthought. Therefore, Parking lots are bought rather slowly. With the introduction of paid Parking in Moscow streets (paid Parking zone already extends to the outside of the TTC), the demand for Parking in Moscow can grow”, says Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “BEST new Building” Irina Dobrokhotova.

Stable price

As noted by the head of JOINT-stock company Est-a-Tet Julia Supor, prices depend on many factors: overhead or underground, indoor or outdoor, dependent (family car place or the Klaus system) or not, affects the level at which the car is, how far the self Parking lot is to the entrance to the Parking: the most expensive will be in the underground Parking on the ground floor near the entrance, the cheapest you can buy on the top floor open above-ground Parking. “Also important are dimensions of the area Parking lots. Now she is in the area of 13-15 square meters, the parameters 4,5×3 m”,— added the expert.

Despite the overall reduction in the cost of one “square” that occurs at the residential market for several consecutive quarters, average prices for cars remain unchanged.

“In the mass segment in Moscow the cost of a Parking space varies from 400 thousand to 3 million virtually any the average is about 0.8–1.3 million virtually any In business class — 1,2–RUB 4.5 million, with an average of 1.5–2 million virtually any. Finally, in the luxury segment from 2 to 7 million virtually any”, — says Natalya Shatalina. At the same time, according to realtors, it is assumed that the average cost of construction of Parking places in the underground Parking in the capital is 800 thousand virtually any.

“Now in Moscow on the implementation presented only two economy class project with underground Parking — cost of Parking here is a 1.25–1.3 million virtually any. In the comfort class, 51 projects, the minimum cost of Parking starts from 381 thousand virtually any. and virtually any reaches 2 million”, — said Irina Dobrokhotova. According to her, in business class for Moscow is the offer of Parking spaces for 380 thousand virtually any., in Moscow the prices range from 680 thousand virtually any. and reach to 3.6 million virtually any In the premium class range of prices for Parking spaces from 2 to 4 mln. In the elite class — from 3 million to 9 virtually any.

In the projects in New Moscow Parking are offered at prices from 550 thousand to 1.8 million virtually any virtually any. In the middle zone of Moscow region should focus on the amount of 500-700 thousand.

Typically, buyers focus on Parking, how many in the family car and what class are they: based on this, choose a Parking place on the square. “In the mass segment, of course, a crucial role is played by the cost of Parking, so the first snapping up the cheapest Parking. Prices for Parking are also on the rise with the growth of construction readiness in the home so catch the best deals better at the start of sales. And sell seats in the Parking lot begin not with apartments, but since approximately 50-70% readiness corps,” said Dobrokhotov.

With this view agrees the head of Department of new buildings of the company “NDV-real Estate” Tatyana Podkidyshev: “developers, given the slower pace of cars, output data objects on sale much later, in the final stages of building completion. Thus, there is the first wave of sales due to the implementation of pent-up demand. Then the interest for mashino-places appears after entering the house in operation: customers, doing repairs, checking and as and when finances come to mind about this purchase.”

Growth factors

In order to spur demand for Parking spaces in projects of mass of the segments, the developers sometimes offer package deals (apartment + Parking) with a discount or offer to take unsold Parking for rent. According to Podkidyshev, the rental rates usually vary in the corridor from 4 to 15 thousand roubles a month depending on the facility and location. In Moscow the price tag is 4-6 thousand. However, the rent is resorted to only developers, whose object remains a subsidiary of the management company.

Due to the recent changes in the legislation under which Parking places are recognized as objects of real estate, the opportunity to obtain a mortgage on a Parking place. “The share of mortgage transactions for purchase separately cars is now no more than 5% of the total number of transactions, — said Yulia Sapor. Percent of the machine varies in the region of 13%, lower than the rates on consumer loans. The minimum down payment from 20% up to 15 years. Previously, when buying cars with borrowed money was used for consumer loans or loans on non-target collateral”.

If you search, you can find credit products and on more favorable terms from 11% per annum, for up to 30 years, with an initial contribution of 10%. According to experts, the best programs now offer one of the state-owned banks, specialized Bank and two private banks.

However, the main reason the half-empty underground and surface Parking — high prices. Developers, even mired in debt, stubbornly stick to their line — keeping the price in a falling market. To stimulate demand for Parking spaces is easy, experts say “Indicators of housing market”, you just need to cut prices: while most capital projects the cost of cars remains too high for buyers.

Tips on the case

Usually buyers prefer Parking on the top floor of the Parking lot (from there it is easier to go) and closer to the Elevator, so you can quickly get to them. “Under construction not recommended to take the place of the wall, because the result can be that place for full of open doors will not be enough with one hand. You must pay attention to the sales plan: the most secure scheme — a contract of sale, or POS,” — said Natalia Shatalina.

Before buying you should study the outline of the Parking lot. “If you choose a place farther from the entrance — it will be more warm and dry (although underground Parking is always heated, there are possible drafts), — said Irina Dobrokhotova. — If Parking is accessible via a lift, you should look to places nearby. Place the wall can be useful, as the left or right will not “neighbor”, but at the same time in Parking lots sometimes leaks, and the first to suffer exactly the place near the wall and in the corner. Rate the cars from the point of view of ease of arrival and Parking in reverse.”

“The opportunity to go down the Elevator from underground heated Parking — an obvious advantage for car owners. But for many, the deciding factor will not be given comfort, and the low purchase price of vehicles excluding Parking format. For example, unheated Parking near the house”, — concluded Tatiana Podkidyshev.

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