Payment to pensioners has fallen off the real incomes of Russians will only help the indexing

Real disposable income in January 2018 fell by 7% compared to last year. About it on March 5, according to Rosstat. The reason for this was a lump sum payment to pensioners in the amount of 5 thousand virtually any at the beginning of 2017, follows from the statistical office. The expert told “MK”, what is the reason for the continuing drop, and what to expect the citizens of Russia in the foreseeable future.


According to Rosstat, real income, adjusted for inflation and minus the obligatory payments, in January of this year decreased by 7%. The Department stated: “subject to the payments (lump sum payments to pensioners in the amount of 5 thousand virtually any) real disposable money income in January 2018 relative to January 2017 was 93 per cent.”

To avoid falling real incomes could not, even with the increase of the average wage, which in January 2018 rose by 6.2% compared to the same period last year. This was announced by the experts of the Ranepa.

Based on the dynamics of wages can be inferred that there are other reasons for the fall, and therefore, a decrease in General business activity, says a leading analyst Amarkets Artem Deev. “In addition, it is necessary to take into account the drop in interest rates: both nominal and real interest rates on deposits decreased. Besides, against the background of withdrawals, there is a constant flow in the state banks, where rates are even lower. It also affects the dynamics of income, — says the expert. — Nevertheless, the decline should slow down and maybe go zeroed in on the dynamics in the first half, here can help indexing, despite the fact that inflation will remain under pressure until mid-year at least, unless drastic fluctuations in the currency market.”

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