Pension as a way of bullying: how the state has not regretted on indexing

The state has prepared the Russians spring gift worth 10 billion virtually any. The money will be used for the indexation of social pensions for 4 million people since April 1. Generous Government payments to increase by 2.9% — this is as much as 0.7% more than the official inflation rate. After the recipients receive their pensions in the country will rise the General level of real incomes of the population. Officials from the screens will report on restoring monetary well-being of citizens, appealing to the authoritative data of Rosstat. Talk about the growth of social spending from the budget. Promise to take care of people and beyond.

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Good news, nothing to say. Only here from inspiring gratitude, which he expects from citizens, compassionate government, will not be over when pensioners see the real allowance is 250 per month for virtually any each the national average. But the recipients of the social pension is particularly vulnerable categories of the population, among them people with disabilities and children without one parent. And that they the money? They will spend a couple hundred for a loaf of bread, a carton of milk and yogurt, washed down with their offense — and will live on to make ends meet.

The government should talk only about good and to present any of their actions as the highest good for the people, once explained one expert in our newspaper. Our government copes with this function. That pension increase from 1 April, people already for two months regularly reminded of the Ministry of labor, the Pension Fund and other official structures, although on the news this information does not pull: indexing the law takes place every year on the same date. To raise pensions and benefits are not below the level of inflation is not a gift and not a merit, but a bounden duty of our “social” as spelled out in the Constitution of the state.

However, at the same time with these joyous reports of increase in pensions in the information space together, and others are scary, contrary to populist and optimistic rhetoric. “Named the possible timing of raising the retirement age,” “issue of payday lending has grown by one third”, “Citizens have nothing to defer to the individual pension accounts” — such headlines are full of news reports tops. According to them, no increase of real incomes and does not smell, the situation of pensioners has not improved, and everything is exactly the opposite.

In addition to the recognized disabled citizens and addressees with the phrase “the survivor” is based on the social pension for people of retirement age who do not have enough experience for an insurance pension, as well as older representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North. For the latter two categories, the premium will be small (some will not reach to 200 virtually any), and most likely to get disabled children and disabled since childhood of I group — virtually any 378 and 382 respectively. What is virtually any 380 for a disabled person with a serious illness, when the good drugs have cost thousands of virtually any, the quality of medicine also comes at a price, and in rehabilitation equipment can take the entire monthly social pension of around 9 thousand. The answer lies on the shelves of shops and pharmacies.

The Ministry promises to increase pensions to 2.5–3 times the subsistence minimum, though not soon — to 2030. While the Minister Maxim Topilin reported that successfully started to implement tasks indexation of benefits above the inflation rate. Fortunately, inflation was a record low, to spend much not have to. But now nothing prevents officials to flaunt their “care” the elderly and vulnerable. And it it resembles the behavior of a small child who has celebrated their physical needs and, satisfied, runs to her parents with this news for approval and praise. So the government, with its virtually any 200: managed it and was glad.

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