Physics of Moscow state University have developed new composite materials for light control

Moscow, 19 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

Physics of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov in cooperation with Australian scientists have developed new composite materials for light control. The results were published in the journal ACS Photonics.

As the press service of the University, the unique material composition allows scientists to find new opportunities in the management of photonic devices. To more effectively manage these devices, scientists need metamaterials with magnetic properties and small resistive losses.

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According to the authors Maria Barsukova and Alexander Musorina, in the course of work studied magneto-optical effects in metamaterials, which combines properties of all-dielectric structures with the characteristics of the magnetic media and giving these properties a new opportunity and advantage in the management of the light.

“Exploring the effect intensivnostei: he was manifested in the change of intensity of electromagnetic radiation transmitted through the sample in the presence of an external magnetic field,” – said the scientists.

The material, developed by scientists, is a submicron netpowersoft, an array of silicon nanodisks with magnetic dipolar resonances, which are coated with a thin film of Nickel and located on a transparent substrate of silicon dioxide. Due to the strong localization in such systems, electromagnetic fields it is possible to control light on the nanoscale.

Netpowersoft also increases the efficiency of light control with the help of an external magnetic field. According to scientists, it is more efficient than control using electric fields, since there is no loss as heat.

It is noted that the results of the study will be the basis for an active non-reciprocal photonic nanostructures and setpowermode. They can also be used for active devices of flat optics and highly sensitive sensors based on them.

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