Place of persecution — shop counter: as the Russians are forced to eat synthetic products

In the ranking of Russian “Forbes” for that year flashed the names of the owners of commercial networks, whose capital is known to consist of our crumpled ruble. Despite the raging crisis and sanctions, as they are every year increasing as the size of ships, yachts and mansions. As life shows, it happens not only due to speculative prices, but also cost reduction, therefore, the quality of food on the shelves of our stores.

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It is unlikely in our country there is at least one consumer, who would not experience for yourself the appalling quality of our food. The author of these lines is no exception. Recently bought in the hypermarket fragrant cake the famous Austrian brand. Reading the label was blown away by the Orgy of ingredients in the composition. Their names are hardly heard or seen before. For clarity, I’ll try to announce the whole list. So, what is the dough and custard: sugar, wheat flour, sunflower oil. This natural substances over. And then the following: egg powder, cocoa powder, thickener (modified starch), baking powder, flavouring, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), whey powder, vegetable fat, milk powder, acidity regulator (citric acid), colorant beta-carotene, glucose syrup, complex food additive, gelling agent pectin, flavouring “cherry”.

This whole “fusion” set is present in a single product. And how many in the rest of the products we daily eats without fear and action! According to some protects consumers ‘ associations for the year the average Russian consumes 2.5 to 9 kilograms of synthetic additives, which are, in fact, pure chemistry. All of these enhancers, thickeners, leavening agents, coloring agents and emulsifiers are present in all baked goods. And in fruits and vegetables — and even pesticides with nitrates. Because local laboratories test only a few types of the 450 names of pesticides. And actively criticize us America, for comparison, is controlled by 3 thousands of supplements.

As noted by the world health organization, chemical compounds in everyday foods become the cause of a number of genetic mutations in the organism of a modern person. For the sake of a cheaper cost, manufacturers began to replace many ingredients with cheap substitutes and analogues, used primarily in technical applications.

Let’s see what today we have on the table? Bread is the most popular and necessary product, in most cases, is made from cheap flour varieties. It is clarified with the help of bleach or chlorine, and then it turns into “white flour”, where there are no vitamins, mineral and organic substances needed by the body. However, there is controversy moldy fungi and potato sticks. They do not die even when exposed to high temperatures.

Many bakeries use yeast, including thermophilic, which scientists have nicknamed “little killers”. Once in the body, they contribute to the emergence of fermentation and putrefaction. That is, create conditions for rapid growth of pathogenic microorganisms, causing disease of internal organs — stomach, liver, pancreas, the intestines.

European physicians have proved communication from the use of certain types of yeast with the development of cancer cells. Unsurprisingly, in their composition the solid explosive mixture — ammonium sulphate, ammonia, technical carbamid, oleinovaya acid, lime chloride, formalin, hydrochloric acid and even detergent. What organism is a stand?!

In early April, the media published the controversial results of a study of the quality of the cheese is conducted by experts of Roskontrol in large networks. It turned out that 60 percent of the tested samples not only meet the standard, but are the counterfeit. Instead of milk fat they use palm oil or TRANS fats, causing people atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart attacks and strokes.

One of the owners of small private dairies shared in the media: “in fact 99% of cheese on the Russian shelves — either from Palma or from a powder and other non-prescription things.” However, in the opinion of the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev, counterfeit is only 10-15 percent of sold in Russia of cheeses. In this issue, of course, more confidence in regulatory institutions, not to the Minister, who probably has long forgotten how to look like the shelves of ordinary shops. It got to the point that supervisors formally appealed to the Rosselkhoznadzor with a request to ban the sale in the trade networks of the cheese, where there are no milk…

Apparently, the need for milk will disappear. Russia occupies a leading position in the world in the import of palm oil, which displaces natural products. Even in the sour cream, animal fat is replaced by vegetable, milk protein — soy. Butter a long time there is no butter, cream — cream cheese — cottage cheese. At least in the relevant regulations. All this generously diluted TRANS-fats, food additives and in a beautiful package is laid out for sale.

Exactly the same situation with other products — canned fish, sausage, meats, confectionery, pasta, rice, legumes. In the shops, and even markets was not normal meat. In feed the animals added hormones, antibiotics and other drugs (gentamicin, tetracycline, penicillin, Biseptol) as prophylaxis against various infections. Most pharmacology in birds, especially turkeys. Have you ever noticed how when cooking is spread far and wide smell drugs like a pharmacy?

Hormonal drugs are used to increase weight of livestock and poultry for slaughter. As admitted by the author of these lines one of the farmers, even in the high Caucasus villages are already cows injected with growth hormones. And one quite respectable European country decided to “enrich” the food of the poor animals spent oils, which was then on the tables gastronomy lovers.

The most environmentally friendly and useful product, it would seem, remains a fish. But here, as it turns out, some types not only useless, but even dangerous. According to scientists of Institute of Oceanology named after P. P. Shirshov (RAS), and other “denizens of the deep” are actually grown in the Mekong Delta on private fish farms. Solely on artificial stimulants and antibiotics. In addition to the drugs in the feed are added dyes that give it a beautiful color, but eating this fish is impossible.

Even in the expensive varieties of salmon, grown in the Nordic countries, have repeatedly found the maximum permissible limits of metals and other chemical stuff. Moreover, their own farms are a source of disease, particularly marine parasites. Locally grown salmon is almost not edible.

Recently in the Park near the metro station “Park of culture” I’ve observed a strange picture. Dozens of teenagers staged a chaotic dance, like dance of the inhabitants of Equatorial latitudes. And it all happened in silence, unaccompanied by any music. Gradually the antics moved to the cries of the wild with the rolling eyes. One of the girls fell and began to convulse, that did not surprise the others. Odd show continued as if nothing had happened.

As it turned out, the children took to the chest a certain number of energy drinks. And, most likely, not for the first time! Because energy is not considered alcohol and is freely available on almost every corner. Manufacturers are confident that it is completely harmless, and continue to produce new types, types and varieties.

However doctors do not think so. Part of the “miracle drink” includes hazardous chemicals — taurine and glucoronolactone (the content of the latter in two banks exceeds the daily norm of 500 times). This drug was developed by the US Department of defense in the distant 60-ies to lift the morale of the soldiers fighting in Vietnam. But very soon it was banned, because the action of glucuronolactone on the body proved to be record. Many soldiers found brain tumors, liver cirrhosis, atrophy of the kidneys and other diseases. Not by chance energy not approved for sale in many EU countries. And we though that!

Over the last 35-40 years in our country in four fold increase in the number of oncological diseases, and this figure continues to grow. Mortality from cardiovascular diseases and stroke in our country also higher than in the countries of the Old world. Much of the growth of the disease in Russia is associated not only with the costs of civilization (decrease physical activity, increase the amount of information, stress), or the deterioration of the ecological environment, as we now explain. But also — and with catastrophic drop in the quality of the products that people eat daily. The deteriorating economic situation leaves no hope that the quality of the products would be better! At least in the foreseeable future. After all, quality food, naturally, is more expensive poor quality, “constructed” from cheap substitutes. But after several years of crisis and falling incomes among Russian consumers simply do not have money for high quality food.

But those who vtyuhivayut us synthetic and counterfeit products, almost no risk — because without food people, as you know, not live. The ordinary people in Russia today not to healthy and organic food. In the mass, they are worried about another question: how to survive. So the calculation of the merchants true: “people all shavaet”.

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