Player of the national team of France Griezmann was accused of racism because of the masquerade

The Spanish player, “Atletico” and the national team of France Antoine Griezmann hit by a barrage of criticism from football lovers and fans. He was accused of racism, and the reason for these attacks was his costume in which he painted his skin black.

Photo: Biser Todorov.

Antoine Griezmann posted on Twitter a photo where he’s in basketball shape retro style, and his skin is painted black. Also it has a wig, and this way he hoped to be like at the party at basketball sample 1980-ies. Only now, it seems, appreciated the idea, not all.

In the comments under the post Griezmann started to call it racist and demanded to delete the photo. He urged fans not to inflate the scandal, but later surrendered.

”reconnais Je que C’est maladroit de ma part. Si j’ai blessé certaines personnes je m’en excuse.

— Antoine Griezmann (@AntoGriezmann) 17 Dec 2017

“I admit that this was wrong on my part. If I caused someone pain, then I apologize,” wrote Antoine Griezmann and deleted the photo after the next wave of criticism.

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