Politico learned of the preparation of the US sanctions against China

Entourage of Donald trump over the weekend discussed possible sanctions against China. The final decision on this issue can be taken this week

Donald Trump

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According to the publication Politico, citing two sources in the White house, the main adviser to the President of the United States all weekend discussing how to punish China. It is expected that discussions will continue on Monday, and the project in final form will appear this week.

While the environment trump did not agree on the question whether to impose economic sanctions against Beijing or just be limited to trade restrictions. In any case, it is too early to talk about what option will bow by trump, sources believe.

The reason for possible sanctions is the situation in the DPRK experienced in the last Friday Intercontinental ballistic missile. According to trump, the Chinese authorities have made insufficient efforts to prevent North Korea to produce nuclear weapons, threatens the United States.

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During the election campaign and after the election trump was often accused the authorities of China of unfair trade. “I’m very disappointed. Our stupid leaders in the past allowed the Chinese to earn hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, but they did nothing in a situation with the DPRK,” — said the President in his Twitter at the weekend. “One chatter, although China can easily solve this issue”, — he added.

Politico points out that “hawks” surrounded by trump’s political adviser Stephen Miller, chief strategist Steven Bannon and Advisor on trade Peter Navarro has long been pushing him towards a more hard-line toward China.

The White house did not comment to Politico.
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