Premier League: the damage from the fans was reduced from million to 34 thousand virtually any

Russian football Premier League went into the winter break, and summarizing the interim results, the Director of security RFPL Alexander MEYTIN noted the positive dynamics in maintaining order in the stadiums compared to previous seasons. Attendance is also getting better, which in numbers was confirmed by the Premier League”s President Sergei PRYADKIN.

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Speaking of dry figures, according to the Premier League, the average attendance increased by 15.5%. Now it is 12 952 man of the match. Moreover, according to Sergei Pryadkin, if not the last tour that “kill the Premier League”, the statistics would be even more rosy. Increase in traffic, and this in the Premier League do not deny, contributed to the opening of the new stadium “Zenit”, the average occupancy rate which exceeds 44 thousand (65% of the capacity of the arena “St.-Petersburg”). Support and attendance for the League afloat new stadiums “Spartak”, “Krasnodar” and, to a lesser extent, CSKA

Although the reasons for the sadness too. “We are very upset about what is happening in “Ruby”, – said Sergey Pryadkin. – According to the latest data, the average attendance there 3 112, and is one of the best arenas in the country! Of course, this shows that the result of the command also affects the number of viewers, not only a comfort at the stadium”.

In addition to comfort, fans are interested in order in the stadiums and security. Responsible for it in the Premier League Alexander meitin, shared data: 45% reduction in the cases of the use of pyrotechnics, 18% less case of abusive and obscene chants, almost twice reduced the number of vibrazioni objects on the field (and that emphasized meitin, all cases were not critical and not a criminal like firecrackers, knives, or lighters. Basically, throwing toilet paper rolls), and for all 20 rounds there was only one wymagania on the field.

“The number of violations decreased, and the number of detentions has increased, said Alexander Abramovich. – The punishment becomes inevitable, and it has a positive effect on the situation.” All of these improvements occur on the background of reducing the number of police in the bowl stadiums: their number decreased by 60%. The order in the stadiums watching supervisors-stewards (the stewards), they also carried out the inspection at the entrance. Police in the bowl of the stadium was attended by 7-8% matches the start of the season, said meitin. According to “MK”, this game, winning against CSKA and “Spartak” and “Amkar” with “Zenith”, and, at the request of the host party.

The stewards are now at the disposal of the Premier 45 thousand, their number also grew by 23% compared to last season. And all these people have been trained under the program of the RFU and have the appropriate license.

The particular breakthrough came in reducing amounts of property damage — 97%. “If in the past this tour was ran by a million, now only 34 thousand,” – said the Director of security. The main damage from the fans is usually broken chair. On the sector of active support (i.e. fan-made stands), they now often vandal-proof. At least the new stadiums. To break them, it is very hard.

To stop anybody in the Premier League is not going to, and development Directorate are currently working on a major project — re-branding of the Premier League. Are going to change a lot: the visual component and possibly sound design for games. In addition, it will encourage clubs to introduce the post match Manager the person who manages the scenario competition (of course, before the starting whistle and during the break).

To work on the project, the Premier League commissioned a study of the Russian audience about the extent of her interest in football. According to the Director of development Eugene Savin Premier League, football interested in 42% of Russians, and that more than 50 million people. However, this number includes those who once a month reads something about football, and those who every day studying the news and watching games. Most of all those whose interest is frozen at the level of team Russia. But there is a large group of mostly young people, for the loyalty which the Premier League and intends to compete, and those who are interested in European Championships.

Have been studied and the reasons for the reluctance of people to go to the stadium. Evgeny Savin, the results of the survey have identified two main groups: those who are not satisfied with the level of comfort and security, and those who lack “emotional connection with the team and players”. In other words, between fans and players — a huge gap. The following stereotypes: some are millionaires who are not always fully laid out on the field, others spending their good money on a dubious pleasure, and they also don’t always work out thank you for your support. According to Savina, if these two problems together, and work on them, you should be able to increase the audience.

Moreover, the Internet audience from the Premier League is growing, according to Director of public relations RFPL Sergey Alekseev. The number of subscribers in social networks the League”s more than 1.6 million people. “And if you count subscribers and social networks of clubs, you get more than 10 million, – said Alekseev. – And if you watch the statistics of visits of the official website of the Premier League, it is 20 million visits, 3 million unique users. This is an impressive result. And yet the spring part of the championship.”

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