“Progress MS-08” successfully docked to the ISS


Moscow, 15 February – AIF-Moscow.

Space truck “Progress MS-08”, launched on 13 February from the Baikonur cosmodrome rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a”, docked to the ISS, RIA Novosti reported.

What is a spaceship “Progress”?

The docking was performed in automatic mode.

“Progress MS-08” delivered to the ISS 1390 kg of dry cargo, fuel, water and compressed air and oxygen. Also delivered to the ISS scientific equipment, including flight equipment for the experiment on monitoring the migrations of wild animals “Ikarus”; components for life support systems, food, clothing, medicines and personal hygiene products for the members of the station crew.

Recall, the initial launch of the carrier rocket with the truck was scheduled on 11 February, but at the start there was an automatic termination of the launch and the launch was be rescheduled for the backup date.

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