Putin in the Day of Russian science, presented awards to winners of the presidential award

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Moscow, 8 February – AIF-Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Russian science Day presented awards to the winners of the presidential award in the field of science and innovations for young scientists for 2017, reports TASS.

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The ceremony was held in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Putin noted that the opening of this research center is known worldwide. “The energy and courage of young always open new horizons, especially evident qualities such as courage research activities and search courage – today’s winners proved that their talent and result of hard work,” said the President.

Winners were Nikita Bashnin from Saint-Petersburg Institute of history RAS, Konstantin Kokh Institute of Geology and Mineralogy named after V. S. Sobolev, Russian Academy of Sciences and Maxim Nikitin from the Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT). On 5 February the head of state signed a decree on awarding them awards. The size of each prize is 2.5 million virtually any.

According to Putin, the authorities will seek to create opportunities for realizing the potential of young scientists.

During a visit to the Institute of nuclear physics Vladimir Putin proposed to discuss changes in Russian Academy of Sciences, RIA Novosti reported.

He noted that it is important to hear the opinion of scientists about how the relationship with the Academy in Moscow and what you need to do would be to get the best out of the Russian science in General and also from the Siberian branch of the RAS would be even greater, would meet the development needs of the country and the Russian economy.

The head of state congratulated representatives of the scientific industry with the Russian science Day and thanked them for their work. He called the Siberian branch of the RAS is not only the largest regional Department of the Academy, but the Department makes a significant contribution to different areas of science, Economics, various branches of knowledge.

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