Putin recalled rogawski 55-year-old women, talking about raising the retirement age

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the annual press conference, commented on the possible increase in the retirement age. The head of state reminded that the current rules 55 for women and 60 for men were accepted in the 30-ies of XX century, when life expectancy was about the same.

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Journalist”s Answering a question, Putin said that the proponents of raising the retirement age indicate the growth of people of retirement age by a decline in the working population.

The President also drew attention to the fact that the retirement age was raised not only in Europe but also in the countries of the former USSR, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

According to Putin, supporters of raising the retirement age insist that this measure should concern both men and women.

“But we have women at 55 years of age give birth, thank God, God give them health,” he said.

However, Putin stressed that a final decision on raising the retirement age is not.

“Such decisions cannot be taken behind the scenes, even at the government level, this should be done openly, with public participation and open debate,” concluded the President.

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