Putin refers negatively to evade military service

Alexei Nikolsky

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, July 21 – AIF-Moscow.

Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion about people who evade military service.

“Adult conversation” with Vladimir Putin. Live

“Evasion from execution by the man his debt is not a cause of rejection and condemnation,” said the President, answering a question of one of the children’s educational center “Sirius” in Sochi, which he visited today, July 21, during the visit to the city.

“After all, what is the meaning of military service? The its willingness to sacrifice for their countrymen, friends, those people whom the military does not know but refers to them still as members of his family,” said Putin, adding that, despite the bullying and other possible negative aspects, “the army should exist to serve all the same”.

“Everyone needs to contribute to the development, in the defense of the country. And I am one of those people who “mow” from army, highly negative, and Vice versa, with respect to those who are willing to lend a hand the country, to protect her, even if necessary, a”, — said the head of state, noting that such people in Russia a lot, including among young people.

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