Putin signed a law restricting the sale of alcohol products

Svetlana Latynina

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Moscow, July 31 – AIF-Moscow.

Vladimir Putin signed a law banning the retail sale of alcohol-containing non-food products, including through trade (vending) machines, RIA Novosti reported.

What kind of alcohol was banned in Russia?

The Russian government has the right to set limits on conditions and places of retail sale of those goods.

Also, the document may not be distributed in the network offers remote on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, food and non-food alcohol-containing products and ethyl alcohol, the trade of which retail of which restrict or prohibit the existing laws.

For the dissemination of such information, citizens will be fined in the amount from three to five thousand virtually any, officials — from 20 to 40 virtually any thousand, legal entities — from 100 to 300 thousand virtually any.

The law also introduces administrative liability for illegal transfer of alcoholic beverages by individuals.

The document envisages the introduction of obligation to install measuring instruments on the container for receiving a pharmaceutical substance ethyl alcohol for those who use this substance for the production of alcohol-containing pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The law prohibits the production and turnover of alcoholic products with an alcohol content less than 15%, which is bracing components. With the exception of export. A list of these substances set by the Federal Executive body authorized by the government of the Russian Federation.

The document allows the airlines to sell in airplanes alcoholic beverages by an organization that has a license for the retail sale of alcohol. This will be possible if the drinks will be on Board as supplies.

Also carriers will be able to sell alcohol at retail in the provision of catering services under the agreement with organization, licensed for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages. We are talking about products of the organization.

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