Putin signed the law on creation in Russia of registry corrupt officials

Alexei Nikolsky

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, 29 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

The Russian President signed a law under which the country will set up a special registry of officials removed for corruption. The document published on the portal of legal data.

Whether the “black list” for officials?

According to the law, in the state information system (GIS) will create a separate register of employees who were dismissed for corruption-related offences. The information in the list will be made for five years.

The order of introduction of officials at this base will be determined by the Cabinet of the Russian Federation.

The name of The former official will be excluded from the registry if the relevant court decision or the expiry of five years. Also corrupt, can be deleted from the list earlier in the event of his death.

Previously, the relevant law was adopted by the deputies of the state Duma.

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