Putin: the scientific value of many of theses scientists in Russia raises questions

Mikhail Klimentyev

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, 26 APR – AIF-Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that many master’s and doctoral theses in the country raises questions as to their scientific value, reports TASS.

Battle with the windmills. How goes the fight against fake theses

During his speech at the XI Congress of the Russian Union of rectors, the head of state noted that only 14% graduate on time go to protection. At the same time Putin started wondering what everyone else is doing, what results are achieved out there in the thesis?

The President added that despite the large number of defended candidate and doctoral theses to date, many questions arise about the extent of the scientific value of these works.

The President also urged young researchers to participate in open tenders for the allocation of grants and to offer work to the priorities of scientific and technological development of the country. Putin has called critical to concentrate resources on support of talented, dedicated researchers and teachers, and create conditions for the best scientists, promising graduates wanted to work in the Russian higher education.

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