Putin told the children about his plans after leaving the presidency

The President began the meeting with students with a discussion of their “postpresidency” plans. However, he noted that he had not decided whether to participate in the elections in 2018

Vladimir Putin

(Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / TASS)

Vladimir Putin during a meeting with students from 66 regions of Russia, held in Sochi, said that has not yet made a decision on whether he remains President. The event with the participation of schoolchildren was held at the educational center for gifted children “Sirius” in Sochi, the live broadcast of “Grown-up conversation with Vladimir Putin” is NTV.

“I haven’t decided yet, I’m President or not. After I answer this question, I’ll think about the next step”, — said Putin. However, according to him, “there is a lot of interesting activities”, and politics is possible outside the presidential duties.

“You can anyway. There are public organizations, there are other, very interesting areas, such as ecology. I love her very much, I really like this direction”, — said the President and reminded the students that earlier have repeatedly “travelled” with the scientists.

Putin answered a question about a new term

The President has repeatedly answered the question about whether he plans to take part in elections of 2018. For example, during the direct line, held in April 2014, he stated that “such situations,” he says, “the same”. “We need to think about where and how we will work in the future, and to think about how we work now, to justify the trust of people today. Depending on how the situation will develop in the future and will take further decisions,” — said the President.

At the end of may 2017 Putin once again repeated his thesis that talk about the presidential candidates early this time in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro. He also added that “all the people who will be statutory procedures, “of course, can and will participate, if they want it.”

In early June at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, on a question of the correspondent of RBC Alfie Severe Putin said separately tell her about their plans for the new presidential term, “later, when the time comes.”

During straight line in the middle of June this year, Putin avoided direct answers to questions related to his plans for 2018. For example, on the issue of his successor (“Who are you planning to leave?”) President Putin said that only “voters, Russian citizens can determine who will lead the regions, specific district, city, region or country.” The President added that “he had determined” with the successor. “I do not see anything shameful to say that my preference is so-and-so formulated,” he said. Not Putin replied to the question of the TV presenter Dmitry Borisov on whether more straight lines. “If there’s a line, it will be video like today,” the President promised.

Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / TASS

The President and the children

The President is not the first time meets with alumni educational Foundation, but this year, the Federal channel is broadcast. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said, announcing a meeting that students of “Sirius” will ask “the questions that you want to.” According to him, the meeting will last “two hours”, but clearly the required time frame is not provided.

Education center Sirius and Foundation “Talent and success”

All-Russian center for gifted children “Sirius” was created on the initiative of Vladimir Putin on the basis of the Olympic facilities. The Board of Trustees of “Sirius” include Vladimir Putin, the assistant to the President Andrey Fursenko, Igor Levitin, head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino, Vice-premiers Dmitry Kozak and Vitaly Mutko, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

The Creator of the center was made by education Fund “Talent and success”. The Fund was registered in December 2014, its leader — Elena Shmelev — this post was personally invited by Vladimir Putin. Among its founders friend, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Roldugin, who became famous after the publication of materials about Panama offshore companies, when it turned out that he is the beneficiary of companies owned packages of KAMAZ and AVTOVAZ, one of the largest shareholders of the seller of television advertising in Russia “Video of Interneshnl”.

In 2015 the Fund spent 10.2 billion virtually any. Virtually any About 6.2 billion for the redemption of the Azimut hotel, which is now the educational center “Sirius”, the structures of Viktor Vekselberg. Travel, stay and implementation of educational programs students at Sirius Fund spends Federal subsidies. It was reported that the educational activities of the centre costs about RUB 1 billion a year. In November 2016, Putin expressed dissatisfaction with the way the Fund spends the money. He noted that the organization does not spend the money and threatened to send them to more relevant target.

The newspaper “Vedomosti” in June reported that one of the important topics of the upcoming presidential campaign may become a problem of youth. As told the publication, sources close to the presidential administration, the social services are already tasked with the collection of material for analytical studies related to youth. The results of these studies it is planned to develop a number of initiatives focused on the interests of this group. Thematically they are related to the quality of education, job prospects, credit programs, security, and digital economy.

The Russians called for the involvement of youth in politics


Political analyst Nikolai Mironov believes that Putin has already started his campaign and youth is the audience to which the President refers. Audience Putin are also the parents of the President be on TV, “goes the length in family,” the expert said in a conversation with RBC. “Young people influence each other through the same social network, and if you affect the part of the audience, the effect you have on the whole”, — said Mironov.

In addition to meeting with students in the “Sirius” from the end of may Vladimir Putin held several events that were somehow associated with children. For example, on may 31 the President met with local multipliers; in the Day of Russia on June 12 handed the passports of ten talented students — winners of school Olympiads and winners of the creative competitions. Before that, on may 29, Putin signed a decree declaring 2018-2027 years the Decade of childhood.

The interlocutor of RBC in the presidential administration told that Putin himself is willing to carry out activities, in one way or another associated with children and teenagers. “On the one hand, he became a grandfather, what lately said twice in the film by Oliver stone and in a straight line. On the other hand, concern about the younger generation humanizes any policy”, — says the interlocutor of RBC.

However, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov warned, what is considered a meeting of the President with students part of the campaign “is not necessary”, as is to be expected that in the future the event will grow to the scale of a straight line. “I would not say that this extension to the straight line. It is completely different formats,” said the spokesman.

Peskov also said that Putin visits the educational center “Sirius” a few times a year and this meeting with students is a continuation of his regular communication with the students of the educational center. Peskov stated that Putin “has one of the originators of the” creation of a center for gifted children and personally supervises its work.

The visits of Vladimir Putin to the Sirius

In 2015, Vladimir Putin visits the educational center on September 1. During the visit, the President addressed the students, noting the strength and benefits of the young generation, and at a gala concert on the occasion of the day of knowledge was present as a spectator. Putin also in the team “Legends of hockey” played with the national team of the educational center. The match ended with the defeat of the disciples of “Sirius” 9:5.

September 18, the President once again came to Sirius, this time with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Since the heads of state shortly before that discussed the possibility of training in Russian educational centers of Belarusian children, Vladimir Putin invited Alexander Lukashenko to review the work of such centers.

In may 2016, the President took part in opening of new directions of “Chess” in “Sirius”. Then before visiting the center, the President held a meeting with military officials and the leadership of the military-industrial complex in the city, and played in a gala match Night hockey League.

In July 2016, Vladimir Putin at Sirius talked to young people interested in science and got acquainted with the developments of students in the field of space, human health and environmental monitoring.

In 2016, his birthday, Vladimir Putin has noted, having played in a friendly hockey match against the team “Sirius” at the stadium “Puck”, which now belongs to the education center, as well as two training arena “Ldinka” and “snowflake”.

In April 2016, the head of state held a hockey training session at the stadium “Puck”, which was also attended by honorary IOC member Jean-Claude Killy, who in those days spoke in Sochi with a series of lectures for children from the center “Sirius”. In between exits on the ice, Putin discussed with the head of the Fund “Talent and success” Elena Shmeleva development issues of the Olympic legacy.

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