Recreation fee is proposed to introduce in the Federation Council after travel

Recreation fee may be adopted in Russia after the resort: with this idea, as the RIA “Novosti”, was made by the Senator from the Altai Republic Vladimir Poletaev.


“This collection is essential not only for the regions where there are resorts and other popular tourist Russian territories. It is a Mountainous Altai, Buryatia, Kamchatka Peninsula, Golden ring of Russia”, — explained his idea, Senator.

The need for such a gathering, he explained the need of funds for “maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure” and suggested that the money could be collected with crossing the border of the region. However, he did not elaborate on how you plan to distinguish tourists from other visitors.

However, according to preliminary calculations, the Senator, the fee could be from 30 to 50 virtually any. According to him, with only 2 million people who visited last year his region — the Altai mountains would be thus possible to obtain virtually any 100 million, which would be enough for the collection and disposal of remaining after tourist trash.

Recall that the tourist tax will be introduced from 1 may 2018 in particular in the neighboring Altai region, Altai region, Belokurikha. There every tourist will take virtually any 30 per day.

The Federation Council appreciated the ambiguous bill of the resort collection: its relevant committees voted against the document, though sources said that the chamber Council recommended its adoption.

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