Rising prices at us gas Kiev called an act of sabotage against Ukraine

The reason for The increase in the price of “blue fuel”, which Ukraine is going to get from the U.S. to bypass Russia, was found. According to the Square of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman, all the fault of Moscow, which, using the monopoly position, created in the European market fertile ground for the rising cost of liquefied gas and made a “sabotage” against Ukraine. Experts believe this objection is not quite appropriate. In the form of LNG to the EU, Russian gas is almost not exported and the volume going to Asian countries, are not able to affect world market prices.

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Last year the average cost of thousand cubic meters of Russian gas, which Gazprom supplied European countries, was $167. This year the monopoly expects quotations of $187. This alignment promises oil prices, showing the ability to hold at $50 a barrel on average to the end of the year, economic statistics in developing countries — China and India — which directly affects the increase of energy demand around the world.

However, speaking about “sabotage” on the part of Russia that influenced the growth of prices, Groisman forgets that gas supplies to our country abroad are not yet pricing to the world market, and have the character of pilot and advertising than is economically profitable.

However, they have amassed a “headache” from the Ukrainian economic pessimists and those officials who try to find the causes of their errors on the side, mostly outside the country.

However, the choice of Russia as a Central target for political and economic attack is made, according to experts, is not correct. The supply of American liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe are in full swing. However, in meager amounts, when compared with imports Europe of “blue fuel” from Russia. In the second half of August, the us tanker with liquefied natural gas docked in Lithuania. Washington and Vilnius have reported on this, as on the flight to the moon both countries predict increased cooperation in this area.

However, based on economic considerations, the Russian gas is beneficial to Europe, than the American counterpart. Last year the average cost of thousand cubic meters of Russian “blue fuel” was $167. This year “Gazprom” predicts quotes of $187. Delivery of LNG to the us cost the Europeans are now about $240 per thousand cubic meters. It is likely that they will rise to $300, which will lead to further turmoil in the commodity markets.

As for the charges, in a price war of Russia in a question of increase in the cost of liquefied natural gas, according to the Director of Fund of power development Sergey pikina, our country this is irrelevant. Our supplies of LNG for export is a fraction of a percent. The perpetrators must be sought in the United States, which promise Europe a replacement of Russian fuel by supplying their own LNG, which stands at 30-40% more expensive.

However, in Russia there are alternatives. As considers the Deputy Director General for gas problems national energy security Fund Alexey Grivach, Russia has real opportunities to diversify the fuel business in Asia. Moreover, for export of LNG from Sakhalin possible combination of three options: extension of the existing pipe, increase the capacity of the LNG plant and the construction of additional gas pipeline to China and an underwater pipeline system in Japan.

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