Rodchenkov, Stepanova and Mutko: the role of the main characters of a doping scandal

German films on doping in Russia and fantastic cocktails of steroids and alcohol, suspicion of state support for the use of illegal drugs and numerous commissions, trying to prove it, hundreds of suspended and disqualified athletes and erotic stories from the main witnesses for the prosecution in doping the war, which was embroiled sports Russia, all so mingled and confused that to understand what is happening is not possible. While in Lausanne, Switzerland continued its consideration of the appeals of our athletes disqualified, “MK” decided to recall those who became the protagonists of doping Orgy.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov


The Russian athlete, competed in run on average distances. Highest achievement in international competitions 3rd place in the European championship-2011 in the premises. Famous as informant to WADA about doping programme in Russia. She was disqualified in the anti-doping Commission wfla in 2013.

Role in the doping scandal.

With revelations from the Russian runner and her husband Vasily Stepanov, the former RUSADA specialist, and began this long doping history, which at the Games in Pyeongchang team “Olympic athletes of Russia” may remain without leaders in almost all sports.

Julia and Vasily became heroes of film, German journalist, Hyo Seppelt shown on the TV channel ARD. In the movie, aired December 3, 2014, Stepanov telling about the practice of using prohibited substances in Russia (particularly in athletics), about how to replace the sample and how much it has to pay.

According to the materials of the movie, vada has opened an investigation into doping in Russia.


“Many of the current Russian coaches were athletes trained in the Soviet Union, and it is difficult to believe that there is another way to achieve a result. When I worked in Russia, everyone said, impossible to do without doping. Want to prove that it is not. I was trying to help the sport to help athletes, but, unfortunately, the attitude in Russia is not changed”.


Russian chemist, a specialist in the detection of doping. From 2006 through 2015, the Director of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

Role in the scandal.

In the fall of 2015 Grigory Rodchenkov was still in the post of Director of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, when the WADA Commission to investigate doping in Russia, accused him of deliberate destruction of thousands of samples (to which he replied that it was a test with expired shelf life), and also in extortion of money from the athletes for the concealment of positive results. Rodchenkov Immediately resigned and two months later, allegedly fearing for his life, left for the United States. There was a member of the witness protection program and main source of information of the WADA on doping in Russia.

Rodchenkov said that in Russia there was a state system of support of doping; that he himself participated in the switch trial in Sochi (we developed a special scheme: the FSB undercover engineer of technical services the night through the hole in the wall of the laboratory changed the tubes with “dirty” to “clean”); that in 2013 in Russia have learned to quietly open the tube and that WADA sent a false report about the analysis. Also later he said that he created a cocktail of prohibited substances that athletes were offered a drink with alcohol.

In Russia against Gregory Rodchenkov prosecuted, and he declared in the international search.


“People celebrated the victory of Olympic Champions, and at this time we changed the sample of urine. Everything worked like a Swiss watch. Imagine how the Olympic sport”. (In an interview with “NYT”.)


A simple example from life: a man robbed on the street. Who is to blame? From the point of view of the victim, to blame, of course, the criminal who slapped him a beating and illegally pocketed the wallet. But from the point of view of society, for whom the black eye robbed and lost his wallet not more than the statistics, blame the police. Fault structure that must follow the rule of law on the streets in General and to prevent them looting citizens in particular. The thug in this case is only a tool, the use of which became possible largely because of comfortable conditions for his “work” that has arisen due to the lack of effective preventive measures to prevent crimes. It’s great to remind yourself of the situation of non-admission to the Olympics in Pyeongchang, the Russian athletes. Unless, of course, to look at the situation from our point of view.

It’s not about a political order from the lurking in the shadows of a formidable enemy or a large-scale conspiracy against our country. The conversation that the Russian side has done nothing to this development to prevent. Decisions of the court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne, where appeal is not allowed in Pyeongchang athletes, we have yet to hear. But unless these decisions can fundamentally affect the assessment of the situation, whichever side of the fence the observer was?

Back to the responsibility. It is very easy to call even for the particular structure and name. Mutko, respectfully renamed the people after the Sochi Olympics of Vitaly Leontyevich Medalia, stood at the helm of the national sport before, during and after the Games-2014. He has primary responsibility for everything that happened. He had not foreseen, not prevented, not protected, not fought.

Now the fans are not even particularly important whether there was mass doping in Russia and what might be its scope. Very simply put, even if the prosecution made it up, the head of the Russian sports have done absolutely nothing to avert or at least try to soften the blow for our athletes and their reputations. Yes, and our overall reputation in the end. To win the information war in the current situation, the chances are, in fact, was not (it was too much of a difference in the resources), but it’s not happened even attempts to make the opponent struggle. So it is not surprising that our “street” is now robbed for not only tourists but also locals. Not only by night but in broad daylight. And now, not singly, but in droves.


A canadian lawyer. For many years a member of the International court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne, was a member of the ad hoc division of CAS at the Olympic games 1998 in Nagano and 2006 in Turin, 2000 in Sydney, 2004 in Athens and 2008 in Beijing. Was the arbitrator in a dispute about wages between the National hockey League and the players ‘ Association, NHL, the Chairman of the Independent international Commission to investigate doping of American athletes (2001). In 2006, he worked in the Commission for investigation of the use of doping by players in Major League baseball (USA). In December 2014 he became a member of the Commission for the investigation of the use and concealment of doping in Russia.

Role in the scandal.

Was the author of the famous “McLaren report” the results of the investigation. It States that for examination were selected randomly 11 test tubes with urine Russian athletes kept in Lausanne, and all samples were found micro-scratches. Similar scratches have been found on containers stored in London. In some samples it was discovered the DNA of other people, and some have inflated figures of salt (to conceal the contents in the samples of illicit drugs).

The findings in the report: large-scale system of manipulation of doping samples existed in Russia, it involved more than a thousand Russian athletes, including 12 medalists Sochi; Moscow WADA lab has sent more than 500 false reports about the trial. In addition, Richard McLaren found it convincing and truthful testimony of Gregory Rodchenkov about the night submenus vials of urine, and that the Ministry of sports of Russia headed by the manipulation tests.

The report was not disclosed the names of the “caught” athletes, but they were conveyed by the public, “logical computation”.

As a result, the IOC Executive Board was deprived of accreditation for the Games in Rio, the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, and was disqualified the national team of Russia in athletics (except Daria Kishineu).

Russia has lost 13 medals at the Olympic games in Sochi, as several athletes were suspended from international competition for life.

As a result, all athletes whose guilt has not been proved, but whose names were encrypted in the report of the McLaren will not be able to receive invitations to the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.


“As a result of laboratory and forensic analysis revealed the conspiracy. The Russians actually captured international competitions. As the athletes competed not on an equal footing and deceiving the audience. It is time to put an end to this practice”.

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