Rogozin, together with a Dachshund Nicholas congratulated the Russians on New year

Alexei Vitvitskiy

/ AiF

Moscow, 31 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin congratulated the Russians happy New year, laying out his photo with his wife and two dogs – a dog Poncho and a Dachshund Nicholas, known to participate in the experiment with liquid breathing.

As the dog could breathe underwater?

“Dmitry, Tatiana, and Nicholas Poncho Rogozin congratulate you, my friends, happy New Year!” – said in the post.

The experiment, conducted last week, showed that it is possible to breathe a liquid that does not contain nitrogen. The dog was placed in a tank of liquid, and after a few minutes she began to breathe normally.

Animal advocates have criticized the experiment. The Vice-Premier said that all dogs who participated in the experiments with liquid breathing, alive and well.

Later it became known that Rogozin”s got Nicholas to himself.

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