Roll of 40 degrees vodka became the leader of industrial growth in Russia

For the first half of 2017, according to Rosstat, vodka production in Russia increased by 19.4%. In published by the statistical office report “On the socio-economic situation in Russia” analyses the results of six months of the year practically all branches of industry and agriculture. As it turns out from the comparison figures, that the production of vodka grew this year in the country, perhaps the highest rate of all sectors of the economy.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

In just six months, industrial production rose by 2%. This, of course, not the rapid growth, which is expected by the government, but clearly better than last year, which was “about zero”. Of course, all sectors contributed to the total growth figure for the last six months different. Perhaps the greatest, as evidenced by the dispassionate statistics, the production of vodka, which obviously no crisis takes. Do not disgrace your degree and brandy, added during the same period of 12.8%. But that can be used as snacks, most notably increased meat production — by 6.7%. However, not all bad habits come out ahead. The production of cigarettes in January-June of the current year decreased by the same 20%.

But back to vodka. Her victory in the statistical reports experts explain not so much the actual rise in production, creating new jobs, attracting investment, and how a good implementation since mid-last year Unified state automated information system (USAIS) that bring out of the shadows a significant portion of illegal alcoholic beverages. This system is designed to track the path of alcohol from the manufacturer to the store in order to hinder the appearance on the shelves of counterfeit goods.

“The system yegais from last year, common for all links in the distribution chain, has proved its effectiveness. Now you can keep track alcohol products from the production to the sale. The system was successfully replaced illegal alcohol from retailers, resulting in increased legal production and revenues from excise duties and taxes increased by almost 20%,” — said in an interview with “MK” the President of the Union of alcohol producers Dmitry Dobrov.

This view is shared by the Director of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets Vadim Drobiz believes that Rosstat data is a natural reflection of the process of withdrawal from the “shadow” spirits. “It’s perfectly normal, because in the middle of 2016, earned system of USAIS, which replaced all counterfeit vodka from legitimate retailers. Vodka production is beginning to increase significantly, because “counterfeit” forty degrees products began to disappear, and legal — on the contrary, to increase.”

The expert drew attention to the fact that to consume the “little white” Russians to become longer. In fact, people drink about the same as before — just now in that the average statistics of the more notable legal part, and not the shadow.

However, if we talk about the consumption of vodka, this process is still influenced by prices, the regulation of which the state is actively involved. Since 2009, the government sets a minimum price for half-liter bottle of vodka. Recall that on may 13, she once again rose 8% and now amounts to 205 virtually any. This was preceded by a long discussion in the government offices, which could not converge to the final value of the minimal wage. The result was a compromise proposed price, which the producers were dissatisfied, arguing that it allows them to work literally on the verge of profitability.

However, as shown by the results of the first half, it does not prevent them to put the production records and make vodka the new driver of economic growth in the country is liberated leadership place of oil.

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