Roshal commented on the introduction of Prosecutor”s appointment in clinics


Moscow, 14 Feb – AIF-Moscow, Yulia with an.

A famous doctor, social activist and President of National medical chamber (NMP), Leonid Roshal commented on a new practice in clinics of Novosibirsk, where a personal reception of citizens began to lead the prosecutors.

Punished if hospital administrators for poor performance clinics?

In medical organizations of the city received letters about the analysis of the state of legality in the sphere of observance of the rights of citizens to health protection. It is pointed out that among the activities will be the organization of personal reception of citizens by the representatives of the Prosecutor”s office for the protection of health in medical institutions.

A copy of the letter is in the possession of the National medical chamber. President of the NWO Leonid Roshal commented on the innovation, ironically criticizing him.

“I support the initiative of the Prosecutor”s office of Novosibirsk to organize the reception of the Prosecutor in the clinic. At the same time propose to organize in each clinic office of the Investigative Committee to receive citizens and a meeting room for offsite meetings of the court, he said. – It would be good to highlight in the clinic another insulator with a cage and handcuffs for detention of medical workers and in addition to the machine emergency – car-hoppers with employees at the expense of means OMS. And even better to organize it all in the baths. There after sauna and beer, people become more talkative. It is not funny. Arrived!”.

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