Rospatent explained the difficulties in the Department

The head of The Federal service for intellectual property Grigory Ivliev reported a number of problems. The head of Rospatent noted that the difficulties faced not only the regulator, but the system of registration and protection of intellectual property rights in Russia. So, he emphasized that many scientific structures, institutions, including government-funded, not in a hurry to register the rights of ownership of the Russian scientific inventions.


The problem, according to him, is the lack of an effective mechanism that could force the scientific community to be active, although “the requirement to patent stems from the higher interests of the state”. According to the head of Rospatent, the function of the office of control and oversight: “We check how public funds are used in the field of intellectual property. Unfortunately, I have to admit: we have inefficiently used public money allocated in this direction. Fix it already not the first year. Now we see that there is a decrease in patent activity, especially in higher education. So, Scientific research Institute of electronic engineering of three years does not register the law of the Russian Federation created the invention. Joint-stock company …mastered 450 million of budget money. How much do you think it created being protectable results of intellectual activity? No! Naturally, for such expenditures, we have not only sent all the results to the audit chamber, but also ask the Prosecutor to check the work of these enterprises”.

In turn, the large market players noted that the rejection of patenting is associated in particular with low processing speed of office applications, sometimes time technology to become obsolete before completion by the service processing patent application. This was said experts at a meeting held in November in the St. Petersburg cultural forum panel discussion “the Creation in Russia of world practice of application of the blockchain technology for managing intellectual property rights: patents and inventions to books, paintings, photographs, music and movies”.

Indirectly confirms this, and the head of Department. “We have a stock of pending applications,” he explained. increased over the past two years the number of examinations of inventions in the drop in the total number of patent applications. He added: “… which we have under consideration”. According to Ivlieva, just last year, the number of applications fell by 9%. “In 2015, we received 45 517 thousand applications for inventions, in 2016-m – 41 587 thousand”, – he told reporters. At the end of the year the figure may be even lower.

Also. recognized: “We, according to all my colleagues from foreign agencies are not fully implementing our scientific and technological potential patents. In application of that established in industry and production”.

Among the reasons for the decline in the number of applications and the lack of specialists in the country in the field of patenting. So, the Director of the Federal Institute of industrial property Yury Teeth complained catastrophically huge, in the hundreds of thousands of people, a shortage of personnel in the field of intellectual property, which is certainly reflected in the quality of services and the development of the market. “There is a problem in training and lack of qualified specialists, – said Yu Teeth. We conducted a study and found that lacks the order of 340 thousand specialists in the sphere of intellectual property – is the number of frames received less equipment manufacturers, innovative sector.” Yuri Zubov also noted that today according to the required state standard specialists only three universities.

The lack of a common understanding of what intellectual property is, how it should be protected and what should be the role of the state is one of the main sources of difficulties that have arisen of Rospatent, Deputy Chairman of the public Council of the Ministry Vitaly Kalyatin. According to him, to develop the market prevent at least four serious problems: “the First is the lack of state strategy in this area. Attempts to develop resulted only in the preparation of a DRI document, stressed Calatin. – The second problem follows from the first: the lack of a unified authority in the field of intellectual property. We have six ministries that are engaged in intellectual property, each with its own piece, but none of them is responsible for this area. The third is the underestimation of the business of the need to protect intellectual property. Fourth – the lack of staff. We do not have enough qualified patent attorneys is clear. But even from a qualified attorney who knows your area, how to apply etc., often lack legal knowledge, understanding of how intellectual property works. Therefore, this field need not only to train staff but also to improve their skills. The system should work from all sides. If we do not deal with these questions, but only ask for more more money on research and development, etc., will not have to grow the market or the number of patent applications. We must have a focused understanding of where we are going”.

The Agency sees the solution of problems in “fire training”. According to Ivliev, this measure can help the personnel policy of the Ministry. “We have offered one of the projects address this issue, which is being implemented at the Federal Institute of industrial property (FIPS). This fire method of training. The second needs to be extensive training in the University system. …We need to train those who will train 300 thousand specialists. Should also be refresher training in all spheres”, –said Ivliev.

How can the “plaster” in the “hundred of thousands of experts” to help the system of registration and protection of intellectual property in the country?

The market is rapidly moving towards self-regulation and self-organization, rejecting unnecessary and satisfy the needs of modern mechanisms.

According to some experts, the global trend in the field of intellectual property – work without intermediaries. The trend is to reduce demand of services visible. If the Agency is to overcome the rapidly growing between them and the market gap?

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