Russia defeated Canada in the match of First channel Cup online broadcast

In Moscow continues to gain momentum stage of the hockey Euro tour – First channel Cup, where many teams can test their readiness for the Olympic games 2018. Today, 16 December, was perhaps the biggest match this weekend. On the court agreed national teams of Russia and Canada, and we are by such events are not passed. All the details in our live online broadcast.


ALL! The final siren sounds, which fixes a Russian national team victory over Canada with a score 2:0! The second victory on the Cup of the First channel and above arch-rivals! More than 40 minutes, the team could not open the scoring, but in the end it did Nesterov, and soon he was supported by Gusev! We you all and congratulations!

That’s all, dear friends, thank you for watching live with us and see you soon!

20` timeout was taken by the Canadians.

20` Empty gate of visitors!

18` the Last two minutes of the third period.

15` Intensified Canada in the end.

13` Hafizullah took the ice, we got out.

11 the Removal of the owners of the site. In the minority a little play.

11` Gavrikov and carpenters ran away together on one defender, and in the end Sergey one touch has completed this counter-attack goal! 2:0!


7` Now the washer was better to stay with the Canadians.

5` Finally converted most! Gusev made a pass of the loop, and he immediately threw on goal – exactly! 1:0!


4` Another small fight and two ejections: Kalinin and Bourke.

3` Allison received a penalty of two minutes.

1` Began the third period!

Break! For 40 minutes without goals, but there is something to see! The Russians began to act more disciplined, forced the opponent to make mistakes and generally looked more active. Only here still a goalless draw and everything will be decided in the final frame!

Rest 15 minutes and go back to your seat!

20` the Last minute of the second period.

18` Pass from behind the goal, where Gusev was left with “nickle”, but Scrivens could react!

15` Plotnikov intercepted the puck in their zone, sped to the gate of a stranger, but to beat the goalkeeper failed.

14` Allison dangerous throwing with the right edge, but Koshechkin was able to fix the washer.

12` Another majority Russian team failed to implement.

10` Talbot removed on two minutes.

9` one two, pass along the gate – eeeh, the puck was past the quarterback.

7` Well caught on the puck in a strange area, but before you throw to bring the case failed.

5` Strayed visit and play at full strength.

3` And from another deletion, Noro Canadians punished.

1` Began the second period!

Break! A very tight first period with a huge number of deletions. But none of the teams are unable to derive its benefits, so the zeros!

It only gets more fun rooting for the national team of Russia! Rest 15 minutes and go back to your seat!

20` the Last minute of the first period.

18` If the defenders are wrong, to help them always comes Koshechkin, who is playing calmly and confidently.

15` At full strength Canada.

14` Like a good idea to attack the Russians, but in the final phase is still missing something.

13` Frattin went to the penalty box.

10` O’dell after got two minutes. Remember, this is only half of the first period behind…

10` And Shipachev removed before the end of the game.

10` well with the red cards today… Parent punished.

8` In the unequal composition of the teams failed to score against each other.

6` Now and Marchenko removed.

5` Here and the emotions at the beginning: to brawl, after which Yakovlev and Kazun received two-minute penalties.

4` Oh, very sad failed throw shipacheva! And was a very promising counter-attack.

1` the Match has started, pleeeeeeease!

0` According to tradition, the starting lineup of Russian national team:

Goalkeeper: Koshechkin (Sorokin);

Kovalchuk — Little Rascals — Grigorenko, Gavrikov — Warriors;

Kalinin — Andronov — Carpenters, Kiselevich — Hafizullah;

Gusev — Shipachev — Whims, Nesterov — Marchenko;

Nichushkin — Heels — Kets, Shirokov, Yakovlev Ilya Lyubushkin.

0` Hello-Hello ladies and gentlemen, big and small hockey fans! Welcome to the match of First channel Cup, which will meet national teams of Russia and Canada! Hockey players will be here on the site, then begin little by little we are!

Russian national team has successfully started on the Cup of the First channel and smog to win a victory over a national team of Sweden – 3:1. But Canada is the lack of players in the National hockey League (NHL) results of the fans is not particularly good. A hard-fought victory over South Korea (!) with the score 4:2, and a crushing defeat of Czech Republic 1:4.

But in face-to-face confrontation of Russia and Canada all previous meetings are always losing value. In this classic of the world of hockey, every player is configured in a special way, and the fights are remembered to the audience a vivid and uncompromising hockey!

What would be the result of today’s match and who will come out of it a winner – will know very soon. “MK” will begin live online broadcast of the confrontation between the “red machine” and the “maple leaf” at 17:00 Moscow time!

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