Russia defeated Finland and won the First channel Cup online broadcast

The final 2017 stage of the Eurotour – Cup of the First channel came to an end. Today, 17 December, the Russian team played their third match of the tournament and met with the national team of Finland. We haven’t missed this event, and all the details in our online broadcasting.


ALL! Team Russia defeats Finland, and at the same time won the Cup of the First channel! In today’s match washers threw Andronov, and rascals Nichushkin, once again, our goalkeeper left the gate intact! Recall that in this tournament the team of Oleg Znarka in addition to the Finns won Sweden (3:1) and Canada (2:0).

Congratulations to players and fans, and with that bid you farewell! Thank you, dear friends, that followed the course of the game with us and see you soon!

20` Intercepted the puck rolled into someone else’s area and Nichushkin from rod sent a projectile exactly into the empty net. 3:0!


19` the Last two minutes of the period and an empty net!

18` timeout took head coach of Finland.

15` And the goal post saved Koskinen from the third surrender.

13` In the crossbar landed on the quay!

11` the Third period is so far without any dangerous moments in the performance of teams.

8` After the transfer Shalunova from behind the goal, the puck did not hit Gusev.

5` carpenters got into a fight with an opponent and left him no chance!

2` In full strength Russia.

1` kicked Off the third period!

Break! The Russian team failed in the second period to extend the lead, but Finland on the contrary equalize the game and even managed to beat Sorokin. But the officials the puck didn’t count, so leave to rest with the same score – 2:0.

After 15 minutes, go back to your seat!

20` Goal to throw the majority of Finns, but it will not be counted – the puck crossed the goal line after the siren!

20` went Out upon the platform Heels.

20` Kalinin is also deleted. 3×5 will play…

20` the Last minute of the second period.

18` And one deletion, but is now part of Russia. Heels punished.

16` Just came out the fifth field of the guests, as the violation of numerical composition. Once again we will be in the majority!

15` Well played, throw, but the score remains!

14` Removal from Finland.

12` Left of “penny” Kovalchuk – Koskinen attentive.

9` the Russians Pushed the game from the gate and now are often threatened by Koskinen.

7` Very actively look Finns. Even the shots they have the advantage in the second period.

5` At full strength Russia.

4` Ahhh! Kets fled in a minority of one on one with Koskinen, but failed to beat goalkeeper!

3` carpenters removed on two minutes.

1` Second period – Poehali!

Break! Commands are sent to rest at a very comfortable advantage Russia: the Andronov and rascals threw the puck and lead with the score 2:0. Continue in the same pace and all the fans will be more than satisfied.

Meantime, rest 15 minutes and then return to their places.

20` the Last minute of the first period.

19` guys cut foreign defenders one gear, constantly on the verge of one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

16` throw Gave the Finnish striker, but the shot by much.

13` Double advantage! Gusev and Tricksy ran out to Koskinen, and after a Tricksy implements this moment – 2:0!


12` goals After wards snarky revs to keep up.

10` Opening score in this game! Andronov got the puck on the right edge and flicked powerfully into the top corner – 1:0!


7` Smartly played the Russians in the first minute, a lot of attack and a throw.

4` Kets and Gavrikov were threatened by a stranger shot but Koskinen careful!

1` the Match has started, pamelaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

0` According to tradition, the starting lineup of Russian national team:

Goalkeeper: Sorokin (Koshechkin);

Gavrikov Warriors, Kovalchuk — Kalinin — Carpenters;

Hafizullah — Tooth, Telegin — Andronov — Grigorenko;

Nesterov — Marchenko, Dmitry Pushkarev — Rascals — Whims,

Yakovlev — Lyubushkin, Shirokov — Heels — Nichushkin, Kets.

0` Hello-Hello ladies and gentlemen, big and small hockey fans! Welcome to match of the Eurotour, which will meet Russia and Finland! Hockey players will be here on the site, then begin little by little we are!

The Russian team as well as the home stage of the Eurotour. In the first match of the tournament, the home team has dealt with Sweden (3:1), and the day before in a difficult match defeated the national team of Canada with the account 2:0.

Now you need to close the calendar year, especially ahead of the Olympics in 2018, another victory. Opponents of wards of Oleg Znarka will be the team from Finland, which matches always turn out tense and often dramatic. Of course, once again it will be interesting to see how the teams look each other in the absence of the players of the National hockey League (NHL).

Will see what the outcome of another confrontation between these teams and figure out the final result very soon! “MK” will begin live online stream of this match at 17:00 Moscow time!

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