Russia is the most invested in the US economy

Russia increased investments in US Treasury bonds, bringing this indicator to its highest since October 2014. In may 2017 investment in bonds of US Treasuries rose $3.8 billion to $108,7 billion.

From the point of view of those who used to watch the ocean through the sight, it borders on national treason. Because the Russian money is going to Finance the US budget deficit, and it folds into and from the growth in military spending that Donald trump promises to accelerate even more.

On the other hand, they threaten and are about to impose against the us new sanctions, and we are involved in the payment of their debts?

To inflame passions just. If you want, and some domestic geopolitics in uniform or pique vests galore, you may recall, in June of 1941, just before the beginning of the great Patriotic war of the Soviet Union to Germany trainloads of grain and coal.

I think if you ask Russians a question, are you ready to fight against the United States, that positive responses will be much greater than if the same question in the mirror edition of ask the Americans. However, answers to the question from the Russians, would you or members of your family to move to the US or Americans with a destination in the face of Russia, will be the same picture.

Contradiction? How! There is a groove inspired by hosteleria, is an attempt to estimate the chances of a prosperous future. They are categorically not the same.

Then the question is: what is more valuable? My answer: more valuable than a safe and prosperous future. In Russia.

Back to the sanctions. What’s the most scary? I already hear the answer: “Nothing!” — and about the use of retaliatory sanctions, about friendship with China, about the strengthening of the domestic industry and the rise of agriculture.

In all this, there’s a good reason. In General, the economy is a system of communicating vessels: if somewhere decreases, somewhere added. But the question was not about whether Russia can live and develop in terms of sanctions and their likely tightening — of course I can. But what poison the sanctions?

In my opinion, the main negative is no financial or sectoral sanctions, and the growth of mutual distrust and enmity. We slip into a rut of confrontation. Will we continue to link it, as it was 99, 50 and 30 years ago, or did it turn out?

You can stick with what we began. But at stake is not the past but the future. Our country, ourselves, our children.

If we stay in a rut, there are further delays. Not even a percentage of GDP growth, and the technologies that no one will be able to accelerate their progress and time in technology, and in social development. It is not necessary to create illusions: without the normalization of relations with developed countries the gap will increase.

Unlearned lessons of history are costly, but the Soviet Union was destroyed, the increasing technological gap. Although the Soviet position in the world ranking, including scientific-technical, then was higher than now.

If you get stuck in a rut, following the lag step is to attempt to find counterplay where we can find her, and this is weapons. Mean increase aggressiveness.

It’s not exactly a better future. For us and for the world. So, out of the rut of confrontation need to turn. And this concerned not only Russia.

As for the economy, (going back to the beginning) the placement of national reserves into us securities — this is normal. First, it is common practice, the volume of investments in these securities, Russia now occupies 13th place on the first two — Japan and China. Secondly, they are not all our reserves, but only a quarter. Thirdly, it is impossible to default and the more impossible the arrest of these funds. That either side is not profitable by the United States, they will lose the status of a borrower in many ways, more devastating strike on the U. S. budget and a dollar just imagine. Fourth, these securities are liquid. The reserves is always possible to implement. It is a guarantee of protection of the Russian financial security.

In General this is the case when politicians should listen to economists.

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