Russia on the swing of the story. Something to be proud of and that scared people?

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We are constantly thrown from one faith to another. And what’s interesting – every time feel the delight of expectations in the new (naturally great) twist of fate.

What is the state of the country today – a two minute walk from the bus stop “presidential Elections”? Here-here will catch up with America, as dreamed of in N. Khrushchev? Or we need to sound the alarm about the backlog from leading world powers? When you hear the assessment of the state of Russia on the part of politicians and MPs and compare them with what people say at bus stops, there is a strange feeling: as if life has become better, life becomes harder.

Skiing near the stove stand. What the hell is going on with the Russian biathlon in Pyeongchang

The last relapse “drafts in my head” sociologists VTsIOM recorded interviewing residents of Russia about the possible results of the winter Olympics. It was clear that the scissors IOC has deprived us of a dozen gold and silver medals. It is clear that the fight for the highest places psychologically it will be very difficult. And what? People continued to believe in the “inevitable victory” and to say that we get into the top three. 22% of fans expected even first place in the team standings!

High expectations in Pyeongchang – just one example of the tendency of our people to irrational thinking. And this applies both to simple people and the elite. We sprinkle ashes on his head, saying that the crisis will last another 15 years, then the whole world making noise about his greatness.

Glad to be deceived

Judging by our history, irrationality in the estimates inherent in us from time immemorial. This brings to mind the fate of the Russian emigration and, in particular, the story of the once-famous romance “Swept up you snow, Russia…”. Written by the poet Filaret draft in 1918, he was for many years perceived as the anthem of the Russian emigration. In Paris with great success was performed by Nadezhda Plevitskaya – the favorite of Nicholas II, nicknamed them “Kursk Nightingale”.

The steamer at one end. Russia was cleared from the philosophers and intellectuals

Swept up you snow, Russia,
Sapergia was a gray Blizzard.
And the cold winds of the steppe
The Requiem sung over you.

Immigrants mourned the fate of Russia, the cursed the Bolsheviks, Stalin. However, when in Moscow in may 1945, thundered a salute of victory, thousands of immigrants believed in Stalin declared the rehabilitation of those who left and returned to the Soviet Union. And some of them even wrote to the Romans new verse:

But will hit the spring thunder
And melt the masses of snow.
And hear again the chimes
All your Soroka!

It is easy to guess that many of the returnees in the Soviet Union heard no Church bells, and he was in the camps. And there was singing completely different songs. Such was the price of another illusion.

Russia is destiny. They changed the emigration to life and death in the Soviet Union

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Remember other, more recent flights of Russian fantasy. The enthusiasm with which in the 80s was talking about rebuilding, about new thinking. Remember how we wanted to believe that now, after the collapse of communism, America will love us, and we – America. Remember how, disappointed in Gorbachev, thronged Moscow streets and chanted “Yeltsin! Yeltsin!” Then Russia began to play with faith in “five hundred days” Grigory Yavlinsky, hoping for the miracle of privatization, Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais. And what I heard from Dmitry Medvedev, when he proclaimed that “freedom is better than unfreedom”. But again something went wrong. The famous words of Viktor Chernomyrdin (“Wanted as better, and it turned out as always”) so we learned nothing.

In search of a new course

“Manka greatness”

And here we are ready for a new cycle of struggle for a place in history. Judging by the mood in society, this cycle will be called “greatness.” Sociological surveys say that the eve of the presidential elections the feeling of grandeur is breaking all records. The self-esteem of the people of Russia over the last two decades has increased five-fold. According to “Levada-center”, 82% of Russian citizens believe that “Russian – a great nation of special importance in world history.”

Moreover, intensified and the idea that we are not just great but special, not like the others. A recent statement by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, that “Russian is more talented than the Americans” shows that “Manka greatness” swept not only the nation, but spread to the highest elite. Interestingly, a similar study conducted in 1992 showed different results. While the vast majority (80%) of the population is not attributed to any “special way” and no special “braces”.

Russia – a great power? Experts about what we lack

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And what is interesting. When sociologists begin to study the “structure of pride” (that is, where it comes from and what it consists of), then there are uncomfortable questions. It turns out that for residents of Russia a source of pride, as a rule, is not present, and the past history of the people and country, its great culture. And it is not surprising that the current state of people’s life, despite the reports on the growth of greatness, not an easy call. Among the problems that worry people, poverty, low wages, rising prices, unemployment, corruption, rising prices for water, heat and electricity. The idea of greatness varies considerably depending on place of residence. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, for example, pride more than in small towns, and especially in the endangered villages.

Who are we and where are we going? What national idea is needed of Russia

* * *

And, perhaps most interesting – very different estimates of the population “of the state in which I live” from estimates “of the country in which I live.” Assessment of the state is lower than the rating of the country, and in recent years more and more reduced. In fact, we are talking about the decline in the authority of the bureaucracy. The population increasingly puts the officials of two. And this is confirmed by the inspection carried out recently by the chamber of accounts in state institutions. Revealed, for example, that the officials, instead of working themselves, employ (from a lack of competence or due to excess of laziness?) private contractors. Over the last 2.5 years on a “mutual aid” was spent 14 billion virtually any. The chamber has promised that the data will be sent to the Prosecutor General and the Kremlin. Will there be taken? Or greatness again eclipsed common sense and competence?

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