Russia remains one of the worst countries in the world for retirees

Russia has retained 40th place out of 43 possible in a world rating of level of comfort at the exit of citizens on pension. The list was compiled based on four main criteria: the level of development of health care, pensions, quality of life in the country and of material well-being of the population. Worse for Russia, the situation with pensioners only looks in Brazil, Greece and India. And lead the level of comfort for seniors in the tradition of the Scandinavian countries.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russia is among the five worst countries in the world for seniors, finishing in the fortieth position in Global pension index the investment companies Natixis Global Asset Management. Last year it occupied the same place. Just a list of 43 positions. The bottom three lines is Brazil (41st place), Greece (42) and India (43rd place).

Directly above us at the 39th place is Turkey. China the standard of living of pensioners has held the 38th position. According to the investment company, is better than Russian pensioners live even Mexican nationals who have completed career.

Comfortable all pensioners live Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden. The top five best New Zealand.

Worsened their position in the United States. Down on the three lines, USA situated on the 17-th position. These investment companies, constituting the index, leads to RBC.

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The drafters of the rating note a reduction in the total score of Russia from 46 to 45% (100% corresponds to an ideal country for retirement).

The drafters of the rating take into account the 18 indicators, distributed in four polyhexes that show financial means for a comfortable life after the end of employment, access to quality financial services for safekeeping of savings and income growth as well as access to quality medical care. In addition, the authors of the list take into account the environmental factor.

The level of income equality and income per capita, our country took fifth and seventh places at the end. While the quality of life and Finance in Russia has improved, but deteriorated material well-being and medicine.

The list includes both developed and emerging economies, which are included in the international monetary Fund, Organization for economic cooperation and development and BRIC. The rating, according to the authors, can serve as a guide in selecting the countries and tools to effectively preserve their status and create the most comfortable conditions after retirement.

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