Russia was left without Abkhaz fruits and nuts because of the “biological sabotage”

Monday, April 2, came into force a complete ban on the import into Russia of fruits and nuts from Abkhazia. Blame the proliferation of brown marble bug that destroys plants along with their fruits.


A temporary ban on the importation of any of the Abkhazian plant products introduced in connection with the “critical phytosanitary situation” in the country – we are talking about the invasion of brown marble bug. About this “Russian newspaper” reported the official representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor Julia Melano.

The representative of the Department suggested that the pest could “be artificially derived in the framework of biological sabotage”. Thus, the Abkhaz side does not guarantee that you will be able to cope with the infection soon. “We do not exclude that today we are talking about the use of certain biological weapons,” — said in a few words.

According to her, the usual pests produce offspring only three times in the season, while a new kind of brown marble bug twice as often. Melano also noted that near the border in Georgia are American biological laboratory, and “what they do not know.”

In 2017, the pests destroyed in Abkhazia 70% of the harvest of hazelnuts and more than half of the crop of tangerines. As a result, exports of tangerines this year fell by more than half.

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