Russia was suspected of opposition to development of shale oil in the United States

Congressional Republicans called on the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin to investigate possible funding of Russian organizations that oppose the development of shale oil. Despite the obvious absurdity of these statements, the proposal to investigate the “context” of Russia with the environmentalists received broad support, writes Politico.


The publication notes that representatives of the Republican party and a member of the administration of President Donald trump believe that Moscow supports organizations of environmentalists who oppose used in the development of oil shale technology of fracking (hydraulic fracturing).

This technology enabled the US to overtake Russia in gas production. While opponents of fracking argue that this method of development is the cause of earthquakes.

As Politico writes, at the end of June the head of the Committee on science of the house of representatives Lamar Smith and Congressman Randy Weber asked the Minister of Finance of the USA found out whether the money the Kremlin campaign “green.”

The assumptions of Smith were denied by the fighters for the environment. Thus, the representative of the League of Conservation Voters mentioned in the letter of policy, David Willett has called it an attempt to divert socket attention from the resonance of the theme “about relations campaign trump with Russia and interference in elections.”

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