Russian cosmonaut may fly to the moon on the USS — mass media

Moscow, may 4 – AIF-Moscow.

The first Russian cosmonaut in 2024 can go to the moon in an American spaceship Orion to participate in the installation of the Russian airlock on the international lunar station Lunar Orbital Platform — Gateway, reports RIA Novosti.

The iPhone is the sea of Tranquility. Why the Terrans had left the moon?

According to a source in the rocket and space industry, Russian cosmonaut needs to be in place to ensure the integration of the module in the station.

Recall that in September 2017 of the Russian Federation and the United States signed the agreement on intentions on creation of a lunar station, Deep Space Gateway, which was later renamed the Lunar Orbital Platform — Gateway.

The document States that the construction of the station will begin in 2022. According to modern concepts, in 2022 to the moon will be sent to the American motor-power module, in 2023 will be joined by American residential module, a Russian compartment to attach it in 2024.

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