Russian Fedor first robot in the world have learned to do the splits

Alexander Ovcharov

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, July 19 – AIF-Moscow.

Russian robot-Android game Theodore, who was created in the framework of the project of the advanced research Foundation for the purposes of rescue operations and work in space, the first in the world of these robots learned how to do the splits, RIA Novosti reported.

What is a bee robot?

Fedor (FEDOR — Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is the first humanoid domestic robot, created in the framework of the project DRF. The robot will be sent into space in 2021 on a new Russian ship “Federation”.

The Fund noted that Fedor has better kinematics among humanoid robots, it is also the only one of his fellows, who can sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits. This flexibility is needed the robot to be able to overcome various obstacles in terms of rescue and other operations.

The robot is also the only one in the world can watch as a vertically up and down due to the mobility of the head, which also ensures maximum efficiency in any position.

The robot is equipped with unique reverse system sensory communication with the operator, giving the latter to immerse themselves in those conditions in which there is Android.

“Managing the costume provides the operator with the robot: forward people’s power of the robot, in reverse, receives information about the external loads on the robot. The actuators of the control of the suit interact with human muscle, so that the operator can feel and control the force that the robot applies an action to perform”, — said in the DRF.

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