Russian frigate “Admiral Essen”, was released in the campaign in the Mediterranean sea

Moscow, 13 Mar – AIF-Moscow.

Russian frigate “Admiral Essen”, armed with rocket complex “Caliber-NK”, was released in the campaign in the Mediterranean sea, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the head of Department of information support of the black sea fleet captain 1st rank Vyacheslav Trukhacheva.

What is the Russian patrol ship “Admiral Essen”?

This is the first long sea cruise ship this year. According to the rotation plan, he took a course from Sevastopol on the black sea Straits.

According Trukhacheva, the crew conducted naval exercises after the task of swimming and maneuvering in areas of high shipping activity. In addition, the sailors fired artillery firing at Maritime and aerial targets at the defeat of conventional enemy missile complex “Caliber-NK”.

“Admiral Essen” is the second frigate and the first serial ship of this project. It got its name in honor of Admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy Nikolay Inc. von Essen.

Displacement of the vessel is about 4,000 tons, speed — 30 knots endurance — 30 days.

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