Russian operators will pay 45 billion in penalties for the implementation of the “Spring package”

The Russian cellular companies can run into big fines for violations of European laws. To violate regulation operators have in the execution of anti-terrorist amendments to the Russian legislation, known as the “Spring package”. The changes require operators to keep records of conversations and correspondence of subscribers.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As writes on Monday, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the experts of the Institute for the study of the Internet has come to the conclusion that the execution of the Russian operators of anti-terrorist amendments, known as the “Spring package”, will lead to the violation of European laws. Resulting in performing cellular communication of the Russian company will be fined for a large sum.

Changes in the Russian legislation involve the storage of personal data and citizens of the European Union, in contradiction with the new EU regulation on data protection. The document will come into force in may 2018.

Violation of data processing is threatened with fines of up to $ 20 million in a single European currency or up to 4% of annual global revenue. The choice in the calculations when the penalty will be whichever amount is more.

As “Vedomosti”, “the big four” of the Russian cellular companies will have to pay a fine to a total size of about 45 billion virtually any. Calculations are made on the basis of data on revenue.

Changes in the Russian legislation will require operators for six months to store information about the contents of the correspondence and conversations of subscribers as well as all the forwarded content, including photos, videos, and audio files. In the “Spring package” has no limitations and prohibitions on the storage of traffic of foreign citizens and subjects. While new European Union regulations set the selective storage of data of only some of the users on the disposal of intelligence agencies.

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