Russian size: CSKA goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev stopped on the number “43”

Tuesday, July 25, Russia began a football League Champions 2017/18. CSKA in the match of the 3rd qualifying round won in the Greek capital Athens AEK Athens – 2:0. The return game in Moscow next week.

Let me remind you: if Spartak Moscow as the champion of the country-2016/17 a place in the Champions League (I mean group stage) itself has already provided, the army will still fight for an exit in there. So – and for very serious money, which in many ways will be able to close the club budget.

Vice-Champions of Russia on the results of the last tournament RFPL (Russian football Premier League) need to solve this problem, first deal with the Greek AEK in a kind of “Derby of abbreviations”, and then to overcome the resistance of any of the more serious club. Who of CSKA will get in the 4th round to talk before the end of the 3rd qualification round, respectively, before the draw prematurely, but it may be the English “Liverpool” and Italian “Napoli” and Spanish “Seville” and the German “Hoffenheim”.

However, they still need to get. Across the river, that is, excuse me, through the Greeks.

And that concern was. And we, and the President of the professional football club CSKA Evgeny Giner. If only because CSKA played very badly last Friday in the capital Derby against Loko: shock train team Yuri Semin has dealt with Victor Gancharenko and his soldiers quite confidently – 3:1. And even more bothered specifically error Central defender Viktor Vasin.

It is still a sad history: he was CSKA not so long ago lost in qualifying, although the Europa League, almost “namesake” Greek – Swedish club AIK; Spartak Moscow a year ago, got the nuts from AEK Cyprus, but much earlier, around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, gave way in Europe just this very unfortunate AEK Athens, lost due to deletion (!) in the first game correctname Fyodor Cherenkov…

It is clear that all this is just funny (or not – as) coincidence, but the “wet” series Igor Akinfeev – is definitely not a joke. 43 games in a row based on the skills missed in the Champions League goalkeeper of CSKA and Russian national team, by the way.

But in the end everything came together perfectly – and for a goalkeeper, and for the club. Guest book 44-th size was great – managed to stay on 43rd, figuratively speaking. (However, it’s like someone said: there are people who believe that the “wet” series continues, because in the main “grid” of the Champions League Igor last played “dry” in 2006). And score, the goalkeeper is by and large could do that myself: caskovew defense played with confidence, and attack the Greeks, by contrast, was very naive.

Themselves red and blue in the confrontation with the yellow-and-black has succeeded twice, and both times, incidentally, filed after the Brazilian Vitino the corner. First responded to his canopy the most criticized Vasin, having thrown off a ball under blow the head of Dzagoev. And then without any foreplay, the transfer turned into a goal the Swede Wernbloom.

And it could be 3:0 but Alan Dzagoev, unable to put the ball over Fedor by Talovym missed the chance to do the double and leave the return match, completely without intrigue. So she, minimum, and nominal, yet it remains: once our club (it was the “Rubin” from Kazan) after a victory on away 2:0 – has managed to lose at home to the Vienna “rapid” even bigger…

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