Rustam Minnikhanov: “Our task is to develop small and medium business”

The forum participants were President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. © /

Anton Glazman

In his speech on large-scale learning forum for entrepreneurs “Reset” Rustam Minnikhanov emphasized that the main task of the Republican leadership to do everything necessary for the dynamic development of small and medium business. Ongoing programs are aimed at creation of infrastructure such as special economic zones, industrial parks, it parks, TOSER. In Tatarstan accumulated 10% of all such infrastructure solutions in Russia. “We need to give our youth the opportunity to Express themselves. Here we have no doubt. Important capable, enterprising people. We have enough of them. Our task is to educate them, to give them the skills necessary for entrepreneurship. It is also necessary to create conditions for the reduction of administrative barriers. In this direction active work is also carried. I think that Tatarstan should become a place where not only our businesses, but also young people from other regions to come, to learn, to create new businesses,” — said Rustam Minnikhanov.

At the event, the audience was addressed by the best speakers, who told about his own experience in business, about the latest trends in the development of companies, in sales, in marketing: marketing № 1 in Russia Igor Mann, a venture investor Igor Rybakov, the founder of the brand “chaihona № 1” Alexey Vasilchuk and many others.

The forum Reboot was attended by about 6 thousand businessmen of Tatarstan. Photo: Anton Glazman

As noted by the head of the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan Farid Abdulganiev, today small and medium enterprises is a basic factor of economic growth and productivity: “Access to information and educational sites is the base component of the industry business. We plan to explore and implement the best practices to follow and participate in the changes occurring in the modern world”.

A full reset. Synergy Insight Forum 2017 gathers leading experts

According to the rector of Business School “synergy” Gregory Avetova, he was impressed by the desire of businessmen to Tatarstan to study. “Given the high demand for business education in Tatarstan that entrepreneurs are the country demonstrated on Friday, we made the decision to open the Central mission of the Business School “synergy” in the Tatarstan capital of Kazan,” he said.

“Reboot” is the world’s largest forum-the intensive development of entrepreneurial competencies, which takes place in different cities of Russia. His goal is to bring Economics and business to a new level. Leading experts in the field of packaging, traffic, automation, sales, life management, export and other areas come together to help entrepreneurs in developing their business.

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