Savchenko announced her intention to run for President of Ukraine

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko said that will participate in the elections of the President of Ukraine and intends to hold representatives to the Parliament of his own party. The party, she filed a week ago

Hope Savchenko

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The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko announced her intention to run for President of Ukraine. She told about it in interview to the edition “Commander in chief”.

“To participate in the presidential campaign really need a bit — UAH 2.5 million to register. Open Fund, and honestly said: I’m raising money for the presidency. To participate I will, but as further — we will see,” — said Savchenko in response to the question of whether it intends to ballot for President of Ukraine.

Previously, on 19 July, Savchenko was registered with the Ministry of justice of Ukraine his party — the “political platform of Hope Savchenko”. Then she said that the party is not a specially created “under it” political power, “aims to change the political system of Ukraine through constitutional way.”

Hope Savchenko — RBC: “Some people hate, others love, no one is indifferent”


The information that Savchenko intends to create own party, appeared in April. About it reported the edition “Country ua”, citing its sources. In may in an interview with Polish newspaper Krytyka Polityczna Savchenko said that her party will participate in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

In his interview with “Commander in chief” Savchenko confirmed that it intends to take place in Parliament his party in the next elections. “Let’s just say I would take them to his party. I adhere to this concept: the people who were in power, no longer needs to be there,” — said Savchenko. According to her, people who “were members of at least one convocation, should no longer be deputies never.”

Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in Ukraine in 2019.

According to the poll conducted by the Kiev sociological group “Rating” at the end of may, Savchenko was ready to vote less than 2% of respondents. “It is among those who have expressed their desire to participate in the presidential elections. Among all respondents, the figure is even lower — 1.3 percent”, — told RBC Director of “Rating” Alexey antipovich. According to him, the level of credibility is also very low — “it [Savchenko] is trusted by only 1%, about 10% — rather trust. The level of distrust in the Hope Savchenko now is 78%”.

Nadezhda Savchenko will not gain a serious number of votes in the elections of the President of Ukraine, RBC said Ukrainian political analyst Alexander Paliy. “She will participate. But the chance to gain a serious percentage (of votes in the elections. — RBC) it does not. She lost the confidence she had before. Her opinion is that she virtually betrayed the country,” he asserted.

According to him, political or financial support to Ukraine Savchenko also won’t get. “Why support the candidate, who has neither the parliamentary nor the presidential prospects?” — concluded the expert.

Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky believes that the attempt to run for President for Savchenko will be a chance to gain a foothold in Ukrainian politics means that she found people willing to Fund her campaign.

“Once she declares that she will run, she probably found some sponsors. Start without sponsors it is impossible. It has some popularity in the country, and if there is a powerful campaign and funding, it will receive the chance to compete [in the presidential elections in Ukraine],” — said Pogrebinsky RBC. According to him, this also may be good for her future political career. “She can then spend in Parliament the party,” he added.

According to the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies Vadim Karasev, Savchenko as a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine “there is almost no chance”.

“It is unlikely that someone will consolidate around a candidate. She was a loner. The project “Savchenko” continues, some resources she has. But its prospects are almost zero. Rather, [the task is] to work in the parliamentary election, to some interest, then to convert them into some kind of parliamentary representation. It is still possible,” said RBC Karasev.

Director of the Foundation of progressive politics, Oleg Bondarenko believes that the participation Savchenko in the presidential elections in Ukraine is “part of the spoiler.” “In whose interests — is completely unclear. Probably it was supported by some oligarchs, and politicians. Her situational allies can be anyone from Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoisky, and, accordingly, the related forces. It all depends on their interests, she in this case is only a tool. Who will use this tool, while to speak prematurely,” said RBC Bondarenko.

Political analyst Vadim Samodurov told RBC that Savchenko “has great potential” and participate in the election of the President for her opportunity to gain political weight. “I think that if you want, she can attract quite a large percentage of the electorate. For her [participation in the elections is a prospect to gain a foothold in politics because the time expires Poroshenko,” — said Samodurov.

According to him, reason to believe that Savchenko was able to find funding or that it is any particular group, no. “Maybe she took this step and waiting that someone will take her under his wing and under his wing,” — said Samodurov. “Talking about who will be in charge of Savchenko and under whose violin she will play will be in a few weeks. We will see some movement that will allow us to say which team it works”, — said the analyst.

Its readiness to become President of Ukraine Savchenko has stated in February 2017 during the talk show “People. Hard Talk. LIVE” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”. Then she said that the desire to be President she is not, but noted that they might be, “if needed”.

“It’s hard, it’s a big responsibility,” she said then added that in the future sees himself as “a happy Ukrainian”.

The current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko it was called “enemy of the people”. In an interview with “New time” she said that “my enemy”, who is “the enemy of my people”, who “makes everyone worse off man.” Savchenko then added that it intends “to fight the enemy” by any legal means, including political.

Convicted of the murder of journalists VGTK and pardoned by the President of Russia Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko back to Ukraine in may 2016, where he began his political career. After returning home, her rating was around 40%, but soon began to decrease gradually.

“It has lost its level of support in connection with a controversial thesis about the war in the Donbass, the Ukrainian politicians, Ukraine as such. Those who trusted her, went,” — said the sociologist Alexey antipovich.

After January 2017, she said that Ukraine must “pass” the Crimea for the return of Donbass in the Ukraine, a number of Ukrainian politicians have accused Savchenko of treason and committing acts aimed at undermining the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

After her visit to the Donbass in February of this year the security Service of Ukraine conducted the interrogation of Savchenko in the framework of the criminal case under article “Terrorism”.

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