Scandal in Budapest: synchronized swimming dad, and the son against Russia

Scandal is the word orchestra. Playing by itself, pulling all of the new notes, eclipsing the essence. But the essence of what happened in Budapest during the technical program of mixed duets is very simple: Italian Duo Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini won the gold. And made it is expected on the first step (first of all, of course, us) Duo Michaela Tower and Alexander Maltsev. To blame one judge, he is the Pope Italian?


Want to, of course, to believe that now in Budapest I will repeat the scenario of the world championship in Kazan: Maltsev Darina Valitova, too, began in the technical program and a second time for the pioneer synchronized swimming American bill may and Kristina Lam. (Now may partner with Kanako Spindles were third, but in a showdown for first place in particular and did not participate). Then, in any program, our in Kazan won. However, then the debutant Maltsev kept all emotions to myself. And in Budapest, and the issuing of the assessment put – “put those judges that are needed – a little here, a little there,” and rivals “play bill may in Kazan was more important, he’s the first male synchronized swimming and the level had, at least previously, was significantly higher than that of Italian.”

Not the most good words. Seriously talk about one of the duets when the tiny gap is stronger, we is not possible. The slightest. Like Maltsev, who, of course, “the topic” more of our, but the presentation rivals not followed by objective competitive reasons.

Yes, it happened at the world championship – gold literally flew off of the neck. But what happened was quite predictable. What the competitors are matched closely enough, even a traditional synchronized swimming, or combined cycles, which is still not accepted by all fans, – for anybody not a secret. We have the strongest team of the world for many years bogged down

with delight, but many years trying to do everything to “match.” And – does.

The lead from the Italians in 0,034 – it’s kind of a speck of dust in a sea of points. Naturally, we, a priori, for our. They, Italians, Americans – for their own. Nothing strange. But a speck of dust struck one on the spot, others made happy, and third, the most important decision-making, it may be forced to reconsider the rules.

Because the dust – like specks in the eye. Other people noticeable not see his log. Why the Chairman of tekhkom FINA synchronized swimming Italian Stefania Tudini saw nothing criminal in the fact that the judges were now daddy gold Italian Minisini? Such rules are not stipulated, but the mind also has not been canceled. Of course, the fact that papikinou help son is not provable. Like the opposite. As a fact the support of my colleagues son’s colleagues – also. But they are there in FINALS, now deal with it, although it is clear to anyone – a relative, Yes, so close, can not judge at the world championship of a relative. Especially where victory records, not a stopwatch. And those same eyes with specks and logs. Synchronized swimming is no accident want to rename in the dressing. And if you put the assessment into components, it turns out that the use of music and choreography is 40%, presentation – 10%, the complexity shown by the Duo – 30%, and directly synchronicity – 20%. It turns out that 80% of the evaluation is very subjective.

Sorry for the loss of the coin, of course, to hell. When you laugh, what synchronised swimming is all we have in mind that gold is everything. But coach Duo Gana Maksimova told the main thing: we will do everything we can to meet and take first place in any program. And a conclusion was formulated that even more important than the medals is: “we gave rise to doubt in the first place, we were not head and shoulders above”.

“Squeeze” the medals from the Russian – fun many sports. When there is a hegemon, there are those who plan on achieving it. Not once, not frantically, but slowly, step by step

the opponents climb up the stairs. And for us-no stairs – up has not provided for the gods in sport there, and any movement down the failure.

The opponents grow, using all the methods from the – you said just pry, and eavesdrop. Dismantled Russian components of success, “work” with the judges, take master classes, steal the elements of… More – offer the work of virtuosos. Russian figure skating has risen worldwide due to the Russian experts, says gymnastics in many countries in Russian, gymnastics at the Academy of Irina Viner teaches the competitors, share their experience… It’s not stealing from Russia (although the complication we move forward), and moving the sport forward.

In Italy today is Anastasia Ermakova. Star, the heroine of synchronized swimming, four – time Olympic champion, eightfold champion of the world. Needless to say, what she was moral a co-owner of gold of Italians in Budapest? Technical and free routine mixed duet – her handiwork, of her statement.

But not Ermakova, another Olympic champion sooner or later have to move to another country and raised competitors. All our stars to find work in team impossible. But their creativity, their knowledge will require output at the highest level. Children, of course, everyone in Russia will be enough, but the Olympic ambition on the children will not energize.

So, if you analyze our scandal in short – to save nervous energy, and in the name of future victories to come. Folder-the judge is inadmissible. Reaction to loss as an insult, too. Ermakova – well done, although a cunt someone will call. Tower and Maltsev – not tragic characters.

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