Scientists: 80% of Russians have an unstable job

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Moscow, 27 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

Approximately 80% of employed Russians work for unstable. To such conclusion scientists of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Russian scientific Fund.

According to the researchers, in some cases, a worker is busy for normal operation, however, he does not feel confidence in the stability of his position, salary and the future. In this case we are talking about unstable employment.

Why do those who are working poor?

When counting the number of people with unstable work, the researchers used the criteria of the International labour organization, the data of Rosstat and the Russian monitoring of economy and health for the year 2016.

In addition, they conducted an online survey, the results of which confirmed the findings. The survey participants pointed to recycling, low income, lack of confidence in financial situation and other issues.

As the authors of the study, in recent years, the world has a new form of employment that does not meet the standard notions of typical workers, state employees and other employees who have a clear routine, mandatory leave and other rights specified in the Labour code. These “new skills” are often associated with extracurricular work which is not paid, the absence of most of the components of the social package and so on. At the same time people voluntarily waive mandatory rights and freedoms due to lack of work, the researchers note.

Scientists expect that based on the research of a new “labor market” the government will adopt measures for its regulation and suggest ways to reduce risks for vulnerable populations.

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