Scientists of the RAS complained to Putin on “the style and methods of work” FANO

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Moscow, 27 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

A group of scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) has written an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The text of the message published by the newspaper Kommersant. The letter was signed by 400 people.

President of RAS Alexander Sergeev: “We are gaining high technologies”

The authors of the letter complained to the head of state on “style and working methods” of the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO), which, they claim, interfere with research activities. In addition, the researchers drew the President’s attention to “the inadequate legal status of the scientific institutes and the Academy itself”.

The reason that prompted scientists to write to Putin, was discontent with the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the publication Director of the Institute for high pressure physics, academician Vadim Brazhkin. According to him, this process “shared by the overwhelming majority of the academic body”.

Wednesday, December 27, RAS Presidium and of the scientific coordination Council at FANO will meet in joint session, which will discuss their interaction in 2018.

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