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“AiF” quotes from unencumbered formal frameworks and conventions of conversation that was not confined to environmental themes.

Poor bears, “rich” leopards and insanity

My parents were often taken out of town, in school to go Hiking. But outside of the Leningrad region, I almost went. Geography was my favorite subject. But it so happened that after University I got into a well-known organization for a long time and went abroad, where he spent more than 10 years, in different countries. I at that time knew better nature, climatic conditions, the diversity of Northern European countries or the East African States. There are national parks. Then I was filled not just interest and love for wild animals, and the fact that you can see them in their natural habitat, not in a zoo. Since then my attitude to zoos are not very good. They have a right to exist, but needs to be civilized. Where animals can move freely and not sit in a cage three by three meters, as often happens: he sits poor bear… he Returned to Russia, becoming the public face, I began to travel a lot around the country, finally. I’ve been to all regions of Russia, understood what our beautiful country.

What animals are kept with the red book?

For the protection of rare and endangered animals we are one of the leaders in the world. This is not my point of view, this estimates of international experts. From this point of view, everything is normal. Be proud, to boast foreign scientists recognize this. Leopards (in the national Park “Land of leopard” — ed.) 99 today, I’m watching.

The Ministry of environment tightened with a new edition of the red book. By the end of this year the new edition of the red book will be published. But the most important thing. All endangered animals in the old red book. There is a list of plants may vary. Animal world — with a few changes. The main thing — protection of endangered animals. When Mr Putin was Prime Minister, he insisted on changing the law: responsibility not just for the poaching of red-listed. This article was before. And any transfer of so-called derivatives — the whiskers of a tiger, claws, guts… Now, if a person catch the train with two whiskers of the tiger is from criminal article.

Poaching is a long time ago not spontaneous hunting in order to survive. It’s organised crime.

Sergei Ivanov

Poaching is a long time ago not spontaneous hunting in order to survive, to earn a little money. It’s organised crime. It is in the world. Comes, for example, the order from Moscow in Primorye on the skin of the Amur tiger. A gang of poachers: one kills a tiger, but it is not suitable. Riding another car, picks. Now in the far East, created a specialized police unit, which only with it and wrestle. If you find the skin of the Amur tiger or the Amur leopard, it guaranteed a prison. There are already fine can not be. Even just because you have a hanging skin. This is a very strongly acted positively. Of course in the forest, in the far North, where polar bears, or in the ocean where Beluga whales and killer whales, the police will not put. So we gave more rights — at the last work I call them Rangers — employees of national parks who now have the right to stop the car. Drives, for example, a jeep in the forest, the Windows stick to the hoofs of dead animals. Earlier in the forest had to call a police officer is pure insanity.

As soon As put things in order with the tigers and leopards, their population began to grow. When stopped poaching and was a lot of food — we are feeding, that is feeding of ungulates and there throws… Not very humane, but it is the nature of predators. As soon As order has been restored in the national Park “Land of leopard”, there was up 23 Amur tiger — they are clueless: safely feeding a lot. And they are coming in from other regions. Nothing along.

Sergei Ivanov during a meeting with students — activists of the eco-patrol “Friends of the national Park “Land of leopard” in Primorsky Krai. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Grigory Sysoev

A lot of land, but nowhere to litter around and

90% of all waste is industrial, rather than residential, associated with mining. In fact, it is the ground that rises when developing mines. Some Industrialists propose to exclude these wastes from the waste. A controversial issue. In any case, even such wastes need to be improved. The earth to fill, trees to plant, ski slope, in the end, to make. As I do with the bins when they are utilized. The famous balashikhinskiy decision has been made: it will be covered with earth.

In municipal solid waste management, we are far behind the civilized world. Modern waste treatment, disposal and recycling, we almost did. Philosophical explanation: we are a big country, we have a lot of land. With all due respect to Luxembourg, but the land there is little. And they had us thinking about how to dispose of MSW.

The Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy: the garbage will take on Railways

Garbage — “endless” source of energy!

We often hear and read that the plants for thermal treatment of waste is a terrible thing and the guard is like a brick building with a chimney that’s belching black smoke, poisoning everything around. In the world, with 500 of these plants. The Ministry of health considered that a classic landfill as Balashikha, gives carcinogenic diseases is 100 to 1 million. Modern factories — there is a 1 in 1 million. Is 100 times safer than a conventional landfill. When each plant will have a waste sorting complexes, burned will be from one third to one half of the total that will be delivered to the site, nothing more. Further, it is not just a plant for heat treatment, this plant generates electricity can produce heat. My favorite example is the city of Stockholm. The same climate zone as Moscow. Built two factories and such, which are completely heat the entire city in winter with its own garbage.

From the point of view of technology, we took the best, and begin to build this year: 4 factories in the suburbs, where the most acute problem, with a volume of 2.5 million tons per year. And one in Tatarstan Republic by 0.5 million tons per year. This is the technology purchased by the subsidiary of the state Corporation “rosteh” — “RT technology” — the global market leader Hitachi, while further scaling they be Russian, right here.

Russia is so rich that we have all energy sources. 40% of electricity in Russia is produced on the gas, and it is absolutely environmentally friendly fuel. Questions for him at all. 18% — nuclear power. I think it’s too little, I’m a supporter of nuclear power, Rosatom was in charge of the government long enough. In France 80% of electricity is produced by nuclear power plants. More oil. And about 15% — coal, which experts considered a dirty source of energy. In the EU — 40% of electricity is generated using coal, in China even more. Russia in this sense, almost all ahead of. Although we are not against renewable sources of energy. Solar, for example. Of course, this is a fraction of percent or few percent of the total. But solar energy we already have. No matter how criticized Chubais and RUSNANO, but it is solar panels using new technologies did. And we in the Altai, in Yakutia, in the remote regions where a lot of sun and vast distances it is possible to avoid the Northern delivery.

“Green” light. Is there a future for alternative energy in Russia?

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You still not sorted? Then we go to you.

The theme of separate waste collection separate, not related to plants for heat treatment. Two possibilities. First — separate collection in the yard. But in a small apartment it’s hard to keep a separate bag for batteries, separate for paper, for plastic, for food waste. For example, conscientious people would do that and make individual packages in the yard or on the street, where should be five separate tanks. But if they are ever in your life will drive the garbage truck and from all five cans dump all in one womb, it will be a complete compromise of the whole idea.

Profit from waste! When the scum will become a profitable sector of the capital?

The second option is not to do the separate collection of waste. I am saying, referring to the opinion of experts: take out all together, but sort directly in front of the landfill or a plant for heat treatment.

If it is done directly by residents, so each city should drive “his” truck. If the management company will be able to do it, for God’s sake. But then residents should get at least symbolic, but a bonus for this. We already have areas where this system works, a little, but there. The Governor of Moscow region Andrey Yuryevich Vorobyov told that, for example, local authorities in Mytishchi already organized separate collection of waste. I want to go soon to see how it works in practice, the entire chain: flat — tank — truck to the desired Baku. Or, the second option — musorosbornika before disposal.

But people, judging by the polls, more ready to collect garbage separately. We have a collection of batteries, fluorescent lamps. They are small, but they are. I don’t have a small apartment and the kitchen is big enough. Where I have a trash can I keep next to the package, where people put their batteries. Batteries much is spent on different electronic devices. Every six months members of the family transported to the collection point.

The criminal generals are garbage pits

Junk business in Russia is very highly criminalized. It evolved over decades. It should be displayed in white. Now law enforcement agencies and the Prosecutor”s office doing this. Balashikha example — on the surface. On the other hand, the President during a straight line said and who is allowed to build a house next to a dump? Because the landfill was there before the houses. The answer is obvious: corrupt local officials, who are giving permission to developers who are willing to build up.

Earth “boils”. Be as toxic waste at the ordinary landfills

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Car ownership is a pain

The Moscow government does a lot for the development of public transport, with paid Parking, as this may be painful and unpopular. I’m definitely for paid Parking. Finally, residents of large Russian cities need to understand one simple thing: buying a personal car, you get a huge headache. You have to think about where to Park at the house, if you buy a car and not buy a garage, how many hours will you sit in traffic and where to Park, how much you drive in traffic from work to home. We need an alternative — environmentally-friendly public transport… In Moscow, the buses start to move. Cars on gas. I myself have 15 years in my own personal “Volga” gas installation had fun.

What roads will repair and build in the regions?

Rollback? Fuck you!

The road, known as the second Russian misfortune. Have you been on the new toll roads? There are claims to quality? No. Federal roads, which, however, account for 7 percent of all roads in Russia, in General, put in order, and free too. The trouble with regional and municipal roads. Here and crime and corruption, partly due to the climate. Often when the temperature crosses zero degrees, the roads are not the worse for it: then ice, then water. The state company “Avtodor”, which is building Federal roads — there are no problems. But when the road district, the roads between villages — there are normal contractors either do not reach or when you come with a proposal of their services and hear about the amount of rollback, as a rule, takes place immediately: “fuck you.” Selected contractors who do anyhow. Here all on conscience of local leaders and heads of regions. In the end, there are regions where the normal regional roads. Why such differences? Because. I tried frankly to say so.

The pit, the ditch. As will punish dorozhnikov for non-Guests?

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“I got a call from some stores”

Is in a company to buy something and leave the passport details…. At best you will annoy phone call: “buy more.” And I may never need. Me on my cell phone when it is switched on, call some shops that offer their services. And I asked them? How they got my phone or mailing address? I believe that is in the Inbox it is necessary to throw only if the owner has stated that he wants to get this is. And if nothing is said — there is nothing in the box and throw. Because he’s annoyed pulls out a drawer and throws it on the ground. And I understand it: not requested advertisement to fill up.

I have often been called a hawk. In matters of national security and defense I am quite hawkish. But in matters of business and human rights, I am quite liberal.

Sergei Ivanov

The issue of personal data protection, “privacy”, “privacy” must be respected. This question and protection of the rights of man, of personal data. I have often been called a hawk. In matters of national security and defense I am quite hawkish. But in matters of business and human rights, I am quite liberal. I am a supporter of business development. In some places it is just impossible in the sphere of gas, in part oil the railroad. I have been encouraged to incorporate the “Mail of Russia”, I the government was in charge. How can the development FGUP “Mail of Russia”? Yes way. We eventually Railways corporatized. Yes, 100% from the state, but it is a joint stock company. And when the Federal state unitary enterprise — is useless.

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