Sergey Lavrov: We are trying to get to recognize all athletes with asthma

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia met the Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov and Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. The meeting was devoted to the signing of the concept of international activities.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

…Everything meticulously. At the scheduled 16:30, Sergei Lavrov and Pavel Kolobkov started the meeting, which discussed the main problems of international cooperation in sports.

The delegation of foreign Minister, entering the room together, wondering “How a lot of press!..” Of course: the foreign Ministry gathered journalists not only political, but also sports titles.

Said Lavrov: “We together with the Ministry of sports, International and Russian Olympic committees will try to determine the main directions of the de-the politicization of sport. Athletes should have every opportunity to realize themselves, and when this fateful idea intervenes not very clean politics is undermining all the principles of Olympism. The international community should be guided by the interests and rights of the athletes and not to the political struggle. We will try to help our clean athletes. We will defend the truth and legal right.”

An important aspect of cooperation Lavrov called and resolving problems with obtaining visas athletes. Kolobkov said: “these competitions in Russia, we always guarantee the possibility of participation of all athletes.” Lavrov smiled and said: “even without a visa.”

“Another point: not always the decisions of the courts accepted sports functionaries. If we try to get to recognize all athletes with asthma – starts a dirty game,” continued the foreign Minister. “Well, we’re all healthy,” said Kolobok.

The next half hour meetings were held behind closed doors. After the event is addressed to the Minister of sports, the issues concerned, of course, Gregory Rodchenkov.

“All the questions about one person,” said a colleague. Pavel joked: “What would we do without this man doing?”. But then answered the same question:

– Grigory Rodchenkov recanted and today he is a questionable source of information. There are some steps to justify our athletes?

For the first time Rodchenkov and McLaren had provided information in court in front of three independent judges. There was held a valid cross-question, set many uncomfortable questions. Yesterday was published the reasoning part of the decision. We want all those who violate anti-doping rules had been sanctioned, but it must be represented by real evidence, not the allegations of comrade Rodchenkova.

Because of this scandal affected all: athletes, coaches, and fans hurt the sport in General. Now still are several court cases against the three women in Lausanne and in new York. In Canada are in the process three of our cyclist. Processes are going on. At the same time the athletes get the necessary support, including moral and organizational. There will be real charges, then we will look for opportunities for further work.

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