“Shamans” and the seventh gold of Russia at the world championship by water kinds

“Synchronized swimmers should be attached to the football clubs on rations,” as I looked at the review readers at the news of the sixth gold in synchronised swimming in Budapest. Oh, Yes! And plow would be men in black, not sparing the stomach, taught and not to become conceited, even when there is the sea, and a financial fairness of income distribution in sports corrected. Not tired, of course, the people cheering Champions. Indeed, they are the choice they won’t leave.

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…Once the head coach of Russian national team in synchronized swimming Tatyana Pokrovskaya has admitted that she doesn’t like comparing teams with line. “I do not welcome, when we compare with conveyor medals, which cannot fail. And, of course, our programs always find the flaws”.

It really is: rude word in relation to athletes, each performance turns into masterpieces, from which goosebumps, and the tears stream, and a constant amazement. How is this possible? But against the truth, as is known, no arguing (sorry for this “French” in reasoning about refined): properly to give the gold medal is something from the field of mechanics, hence the comparison.

After Rio de Janeiro a team of Russian synchronized swimmers was updated on three quarters. Of the old structure remained only Shurochkina Maria and Vlad chigirev, even – back world champion and 2015 in the mixed-Duo Darina Valitova. The rest – the minnows from experience, the last school of preparation for the championship under the supervision of our brilliant coaches and Olympic Champions in an accelerated mode. What’s it been we after Rio? All the time and getting ready, began immediately after the Games.

And here it is – an outdoor pool in Budapest. (The team, incidentally, was modeled terms of performance in the world Cup in the outdoor pool Taganrog – and this is another proof that the leadership team thinks several steps ahead.) Here it is – completely unnecessary heat under forty degrees with relentless sunshine. And – crazy, fantastic pace of the Russians, sophisticated action and virtuosic feet, which in this sport, as has long been understood and recognized by many, the soul.

First in Budapest Arkhipovskiy Anastasia, Anastasia Bayandina, Daria Bayandina, Darina Valitova, Marina Golyadkin, Veronica Kalinina, Pauline Komar, Barbara Subotin, and Vlad chigiryova Maria Shurochkina won in the technical program at the world championship by water kinds of sports (96,0109 points), ahead of Chinese women by almost two points (94,2165).

“Now I can definitely say: we have a team, a generational change was successful”, – Tatyana Pokrovskaya said that after the technical program, “Rhythms of the city.” And free program “Shamans” have proved equal to our group there! And again two score advantage.

And then the genius of the first water Tatyana Pokrovskaya has not stinted on assessment: “In this format it was the first competition for the girls, and in this situation you can supply them the highest rating”. And confessed – a year after Rio was very heavy. But otherwise, first-graders want a lot and know little. That had impregnated the Olympic waters chigiryova and her and Vlad’s Shurochkina together with the coaches, leaving the first “lot” to turn in his second “little”.

Voodoo cool. As always. Not like everyone else. As soon as they. Rather, we have. If you can steal music or even part of the program, the character and skill of our synchronized swimming not to repeat. Made in Russia.

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