Siluanov revealed the mechanism of protection of money of the oligarchs from sanctions

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov on Tuesday revealed the terms of the capital Amnesty proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also spoke of how produced by Russian government Eurobonds help to save the money of Russian oligarchs targeted by the sanctions. After all, it is expected that next year the United States will significantly expand and toughen measures against the encirclement of Vladimir Putin.


Anton Siluanov.

Anton Siluanov made it clear that the announced fishing season in 2018, the capital Amnesty aimed to support targeted by the sanctions of Russian business, and not to receive in the future fiscal effect.

We are talking about what is supposed to be exempt from paying a 13% income tax those businessmen who closed their businesses abroad and remit funds to Russia. A similar Amnesty was declared in 2016.

As RIA “news” Siluanov said that then and now we are talking about the funds that was not earned by a criminal way, but they were not paid the taxes, fees and other charges. “It’s not laundering, that’s not terrorism.” – he stressed.

He also announced the decision to offer businessmen to return their money to Russia to buy Eurobonds. According to him, this was taken even before the Amnesty, that would support those businessmen who fell or can fall under sanctions. It turned out that some time ago a group of Russian oligarchs she appealed to the government to create a tool that would help transfer the money in currency from the West in the Russian jurisdiction.

“Of course, we would like to invest as a direct investment, but not everyone is ready for that yet,” said Siluanov.

He noted that these investments will be fully protected, because all calculations will be carried out in a “looped” format, without going outside of the Russian Federation, and will “not visible” neither American nor European banks.

Siluanov also said that Russia has no plans to take any extraordinary measures to enter the market with Eurobonds in January. before a possible announcement of Washington’s new sanctions against individuals and legal entities of Russia.

“We will do this in a planned manner”. the Minister said, adding that he expects and interest in the securities of foreign investors.

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