Silvanus asked Washington to freeze new sanctions

The talks with Siluanov Mucina and American investors took place in the framework of the spring meetings of the International monetary Fund and the world Bank. According to the Russian Minister, in the course of the dialogue was affected by the “issues, including North Korea, Syria and Ukraine.” The leitmotif of the talks was current U.S. sanctions against Russia and new restrictions that Washington is going to present our country.

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“We have condemned restrictive measures against Russia. Policy replaced by the introduction of the sanctions regimes that contradict the principles of G20″, — said Siluanov at the meeting.

According to the chief of analytical Department UK “BK-Savings” Sergei Suverov, first and foremost the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance tried to clarify the future of the sovereign debt of our country — Federal loan bonds (OFZ). Washington has repeatedly threatened to impose a ban for American investors to purchase such securities. In recent times the introduction of this restriction, the market expected April 16, but President Donald trump has decided to delay such a measure, explaining his decision to a desire to find out more on the details of new sanctions.

However, the danger that Washington will announce the restriction of circulation of Federal loan bonds, continues to be. Foreign, including American, investors account for around 35% of the Russian public debt. The USA’s refusal from the purchase of these securities faces a potential reduction of revenues in Russia, the collapse of the ruble and runaway inflation.

“Silvanus, most likely, tried to likening Mnuchin to postpone the introduction of this restriction until the end of the year”, — said the sovereign. Currently, the Finance Ministry is considering a protection mechanism OFZ in the imposition of sanctions against them. According to Siluanov, if the limits would be circulated on public debt, domestic financial institutions and banks will buy back those securities. “The Ministry of Finance will rely on domestic market borrowing to Finance the budget deficit, if the US sanctions will be circulated to the national debt,” — explains the Minister.

Experts believe that Russia retains the chances that the US will meet in this issue and will hold off on imposing sanctions against BFL. “In Russian-American relations has been warming. Despite the sanctions, the economic cooperation continues”, — says senior analyst “Alpari” the novel Tkachuk.

However, too early to relax. The same Mnuchin demonstrates aggressive against our country. Before the meeting with Siluanov, he said that “sanctions are an extremely important tool and has brought the desired effect”. Interestingly, during the summit in Washington was aware of the seizure of assets of Viktor Vekselberg at $1.5–2 billion According to Reuters, the reason was the introduction of US sanctions against the businessman.

However, as suggested by Tkachuk, the Russian authorities it is important to continue to keep abreast and be ready for new challenges. “If you want peace, prepare for war. Successful Siluanov”s visit to Washington will be clear, the current mood of the American establishment toward Russia. It is possible a new dirty tricks from the United States. However, it is possible that trump will switch the main vector of economic counter to China. It is possible that many contradictory factors are removed during a personal meeting between President Vladimir Putin and the tramp”, — said the expert.

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