Ski jumping: silver women’s team

No, until 8 March is still far away – it’s only December 16, Saturday, Russian athletes took part in the first ever women’s world Cup jumping on the ski jumping team competition, held in the Swiss Engelberg and won the silver medal in a bitter struggle with the Japanese team.

Barannikova, Tikhonova, Kustova. Photos By Daniela Richter

The team leader Irina avvakumova set a new record jump of 108.0 m, but in the final round of the Norwegian Maren Lundby jump record by 1 meter. Anastasia Barannikova also flew over 100 metres away, and Sofia Tikhonova with Alexandra Bush did not let the team down. The conditions were very difficult, heavy snow hampered the jumps and soft snow on the landing, too, athletes were not pleased, fell and suffered a serious knee injury, the German Svenja Wurth, but the leaders of the competition, as the Japanese and the Russians showed courage, skill and composure.

Roman Kerov, coach of the Russian team is confident that the difficult conditions our girls are not afraid: “it Was very difficult, the weather was not really fine, it is always a risk of falls and injuries, but our girls these difficulties do not frighten. We are not afraid of the difficulties which unsettle other teams, we, as the saying goes, “the worse, the better”. It was a team effort, gathered and gave all they could especially successfully jumped Irina avvakumova. Of course, our Japanese rivals are also very strong in the team, they had more jumps over 100 m, but we’re working to and to compete with them”.

Pleased with the Russian coaches and fans and young Russian athletes at the Continental Cup. Friday and Saturday our girls took the podium tightly. Friday from 1 to 4 places were occupied by Russian flying skiers: sisters Lydia and Mary Yakovlev, Anna Spinea and Alexander Barantsev no one was allowed close to the podium. And on Saturday defeated Alexander Barantsev, Lydia Yakovleva won the silver medal. This breakthrough is especially nice, showing great reserve in our team of the world Cup. Sasha Barantsevo from Kirov only 15 years old, only a week she turns 16, and she recently began competing in international competitions. Anna Spynova even younger, born in 2002, and these young girls are not afraid of the 100-meter springboards.

Imagine that you need to fly a football field without parachutes and paragliders, using only a pair of plastic skis! And it can 15-year-old girls who seem to fear nothing.

Now all three top places in the overall ranking of the Continental Cup by the Russian athletes: after the first two competitions this season, Lidiya Yakovleva heads the overall ranking with 180 points ahead of their teammates Alexander Barantsev (150 points) and Maria Nikolaevna (130 points).

Dmitry Dubrovsky, President of the Federation of jumping at ski jumping and Nordic combined of Russia is very happy with these results:

“I’ll start with the second part of the women’s team, these girls were great in the summer season in Trondheim and the ore mountains, but we understand that summer and winter are different conditions, different significance of the competition, so now is very encouraging that we have a strong reserve that tomorrow we will compete in the world Cup. Can’t say about the jump school St. Petersburg, which was presented by Mary and Lydia Yakovlev and Anna Spynova. And Alexander Barantsev from Kirov, where not even modern jumps, included in the national team and excellent performance. So I Express my thanks to all the coaches, all who have contributed to these results.

And of course I can not mention a historical event of the first command and the start of the women’s world Cup, where our girls showed a great level of hopping, Irina avvakumova strong leader, leads the team. In women’s jumping now we occupy a leading position! Women’s jumping was included in the Olympic program only in 2014, but now the international Federation of ski sports (FIS) and the national Association are working to include team competitions in the Olympic games in 2022. So for future team competitions in women’s ski jumping we are prepared in advance.

Women’s ski jumping is now developing rapidly, although for women this is a very young sport, less than 10 years ago women did not participate in international competitions, even filed in court to challenge the refusal but just a few years ago at the world Cup barely recruited 30 participants and didn’t even make sense to hold qualifiers. But now there is serious competition for participation in the world Cup among the more than 60 athletes. Fearless girls have already mastered the style. It is especially pleasant that the Russian flying skier among the leaders in this difficult for our country of the winter Olympic season.”

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