Slovakia arrested gas for Ukraine because of multimillion-dollar debts

The court in Dominica has arrested the delivery of gas for “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. Thus, the court executed the decision of the Stockholm arbitration Tribunal, which had earlier requested the Italian company IUGas. The claim to the Slovak court was filed after unsuccessful attempts to collect debts of the Ukrainian partners.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the claim of the Italian company IUGas to “Naftogaz of Ukraine” performed in Slovakia, where the court arrested the supply of gas to Ukraine. Says ZN.UA the decision about the arrest of “blue fuel” was adopted on 20 December.

The ruling of the Stockholm arbitration was made five years ago. Then the Italian side appealed to the “Naftogaz” about the unpaid transaction 2007. To date, the Ukrainians have accumulated a debt to the Italians for $ 21 million. The amount includes penalties and interest.

International law allows for an appeal to the courts of other countries, if the Respondent fails to comply with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, which was used by representatives of the IUGas. Before going to the Slovak justice, the Italian side has made numerous attempts to collect debts of the Ukrainian partners, but they were unsuccessful, according to the publication.

Currently Ukrainian oil and gas companies are studying the situation to determine their next steps, according to the publication.

Russian gas supplies to Ukraine ceased in November 2015, when Kiev decided to buy fuel in reverse from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The decision of the Ukrainian authorities explained the lower cost of supply.

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