Solovyov ran from the Studio of the man behind the replica of the dead in Syria the pilot

Ramil Sitdikov

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Moscow, February 10 – AIF-Moscow.

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov asked to be removed from the Studio of the American expert Gregory Vinnikov after he made an unflattering expression of the death of the Russian pilot Roman Filipov in Syria.

“The world was a guy”. In Voronezh said goodbye to those killed in Syrian pilot

The incident occurred in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”. When the Chairman of the Duma Committee on education Vyacheslav Nikonov offered to honor the memory of the deceased with a minute of silence, the expert tried to challenge the award of the pilot of the title of hero of the Russian Federation.

His words had a negative reaction by guests and the presenter. Vinnikov Soloviev recalled that the Russian Federation respect the fallen heroes. The Deputy Nikonov then demanded that the expert left the Studio. Solovyov supported him.

Recall, February 3, in Syria the terrorists shot down a Russian su-25 attack aircraft from MANPADS above the zone of de-escalation “Idlib”. Roman Filipov Russian pilot managed to eject, but was killed in battle with militants. A hero’s funeral took place on 8 February in Voronezh.

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